Scarlett Johansson Wanted To Do — What? Check Out These 9 Startling Celebrity Facts You Never Knew

Between tabloids and the internet — and tabloids on the internet — our culture is saturated by celebrities. Where celebrities at one time were able to maintain a certain degree of personal privacy, without have the details of their daily lives circulated around the world on a daily basis, today it seems that famous people are open books.

Is there anything about celebs that we don't know, if we want to know it?

Well, maybe there is. But thank your lucky stars, your good friends here at The Inquisitr are here to fix that, with a little help from the snoops who work for BuzzFeed.

In this video, you will learn nine fun and fabulous and sometimes head-scratching facts about celebrities that we'll bet you never knew before. For example, you'll learn about the special relationship between "Iron Man" Robert Downey Jr. — and Burger King.

You'll discover an unexpected secret about sex-symbol Modern Family star Sofie Vergara, and the famous celeb once dated by singer Fergie, when this "man" was just a boy of 16.

And you'll find out what Scarlett Johansson wanted to do during the filming of the 2005 action flick The Island. She wasn't quite the A-list star back then that she is now, so it's something she probably wouldn't do in a movie today. But the director stopped her back then too.

Once you know these nine celebrity facts, that's it. There's nothing else about any celebrity you'll ever need to learn. Well, except the 12 more fascinating celebrity facts you can learn at this link.