‘Gears of War: Judgement’ Microtransactions Let Players Double XP

Gears of War judgement has microtransactions

Gears of War: Judgement includes micro-transactions that will allow gamers the ability to add onto their XP points. More and more console games are bringing microstransactions into the action with varying success rates.

This game’s addons will allow gamers to double the experience points, giving them access to new weapon camo and player skins. The popularity of putting in ways to pay for improvements to a game has been hotly debated over the last few months.

Some gamers feel companies like EA are taking advantage of people who have already paid a premium to get the game in the first place. Others don’t see the harm in this kind of policy since the gamers aren’t required to level up in this fashion in order to enjoy the game.

Gears of War: Judgement allows for people to pay varying amounts depending on just how many XP points they want to add. Almost all of the purchases are for a limited amount of matches, and that little caveat will almost assuredly draw some ire from the gaming community.

For 10 online matches, you can double your XP for 80 Microsoft points ($1.00), while you can double your XP for 50 matches for 320 MSP ($4.00), 100 matches for 560 MSP ($7.00), and 200 matches for 800 MSP ($10.00).

If you want to forego having to level up every now and then when you are playing these online matches, you can get the season pass. For 1600 MSP ($20), you will get a permanent doubling of XP as well as access to new maps and modes at a discount.

While the season pass seems to be the best deal when everything is taken into account, it means that you will basically be laying down more than $80 when all is said and done. It should be pointed out that you are doing all of this for largely cosmetic improvements to the game.

Gears of War: Judgement releases today. Will you take advantage of the microtransactions feature?