Wendy Williams Just Insulted Lizzo's Recent Outfit, Calls It 'Just Wrong'

Lizzo is a singer who has become famous for her upbeat tracks and self-confidence. But not everyone is a fan of her recent fashion choices. In a recent episode of The Wendy Williams Show, talk show host Wendy Williams slammed Lizzo for the outfit she wore to the Los Angeles Lakers game on Sunday, according to Hollywood Life.

The 31-year-old headed off the basketball game this past weekend wearing a more risque outfit. She sported a cut-out t-shirt dress which exposed the majority of her backside with the exception of a thong she wore underneath. Williams thought the dress was too much for this particular occasion, particularly for this setting where there are a lot of families that may have young children. She didn't hold back when calling out Lizzo, even deeming this ensemble "just wrong."

"Lizzo has a really good career right now, so I understand her happiness. But, in all actuality, you see the thong, right? That's a dress that had the cutout going on, so she was sitting booty down on the seat, booty down in the car and walking booty exposed into the arena. I would normally think they'd stop her at security and say, 'Ma'am we understand, but there are children here. Games are like a family affair and everyone doesn't want to see all that.'"
The host clarified her remark, saying that she does admire Lizzo's confidence and thinks she is very talented. However, she thinks there is an appropriate time for such an ensemble and this game wasn't it."I think there's a time and a place for a cut-out and thong showing," she said.

Williams wasn't the only one to comment upon Lizzo's Lakers game outfit. The singer faced a lot of controversy over her choice of attire on social media. On Sunday night, she responded to the backlash online, explaining the criticism doesn't bother her and isn't going to cause her to stop living her life as she wants. She emphasized that right now she's happier than she's ever been in her life and she's surrounded by love. Thus, what people say about her online doesn't really affect her.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Lizzo also called out those that slammed her for twerking at the same game. The musician has long been a proponent for body positivity, as this was something she struggled with during the earlier part of her life.