WWE News: Two Former Champions Suspended For Wellness Violations

Two superstars will remain off of WWE television for a few more weeks.

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Two superstars will remain off of WWE television for a few more weeks.

It is no secret that WWE has taken their violations of the wellness policy much more seriously in recent years, and today proved that. On Tuesday, the company officially revealed that two superstars were suspended for 30 days due to each having their first violation of the company’s policies on illegal substances. They have been off of TV for a while, but Robert Roode and Primo Colon will remain out of the public eye for a few more weeks.

Rumors had started swirling around early on Tuesday and it was believed that two superstars were about to be hit with a suspension. With the news already out there, the official website of WWE didn’t really have much choice but to confirm the public knowledge.

There was not much said in the announcement from WWE other than this was the first violations for both Roode and Colon. The two superstars have officially been given 30-day suspensions and won’t be seen on television or even at any live events during that entire time.

The last time Roode was seen on television was on the November 29 episode of Friday Night SmackDown. On that show, he lost in a match to Roman Reigns and even had an announce table thrown on top of him. Roode was stretchered out of the arena in an injury angle, which was used to write him off of television.

Robert Roode plays to the crowd on "SmackDown."

That injury was a good way to write Roode off for a few weeks, and it was very much needed. For a while now, Roode has been teaming with Dolph Ziggler as they recently joined the court of “King” Baron Corbin, forming a somewhat put-together stable on Friday Night SmackDown.

Primo Colon, on the other hand, hasn’t been seen on WWE television since way back in January of this year. He teamed with Epico as The Colons faced off against Heavy Machinery in a loss on SmackDown Live.

Neither Primo nor Epico have been used by WWE much at all in the last couple of years. It has even been rumored that The Colons were pretty much “done” with Vince McMahon’s company and would be leaving before too long.

They have both been working for the WWC promotion in Puerto Rico, which is owned by Primo’s father, WWE Hall of Famer Carlos Colon. Considering they are both still under contract to the company, they are still governed by its rules and wellness policy.

The exact dates for the returns of Roode and Primo are not yet known, but they could possibly be back right near the end of this year or the start of 2020.