WWE News: Former Multi-Time Champion Hints At Retiring From The Ring


When it is time for a wrestler to call it a career, there are many who want to have one last run in a company like WWE. A few years ago, Matt and Jeff Hardy returned to WWE after a long time away and it has been a run of ups and downs for them. Now, Jeff has been out of action with an injury for quite awhile and Matt has been kind of out in limbo. Now, one of the brothers is teasing that the end of his career may be on the horizon.

Back in April, The Hardy Boyz won the SmackDown Tag Team Championship which appeared to be the start of their next big run. Almost immediately, however, Jeff Hardy suffered an injury that has him still out of action and missing from the ring.

Some thought this would lead to Matt getting another big singles push, but that simply hasn’t been the case. Since his brother’s injury, Matt has had just three televised matches, with one of them being the huge battle royal at the WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia in July.

In the last two weeks, Matt has appeared on Monday Night Raw to lose cleanly to both Buddy Murphy and Drew McIntyre. Many fans have expressed their displeasure in how he has been used and he’s been teasing a new beginning for him on social media. Recently, though, things have changed.

On Tuesday, Matt hopped on his official Twitter account and made a post which almost seemed like a message of farewell to the WWE universe.

For quite a while, Matt had been trying to build up a new or recycled gimmick for him to bring on to WWE television. Obviously, that hasn’t quite happened yet and this tweet from him could be a sign that his career may be coming to an end.

PW Insider reports that Matt’s contract is set to expire sometime in late February 2020. The two sides have been negotiating a new deal and are close on the financial aspect of things, but the creative process for Matt is what is keeping them apart.

After his loss to McIntyre on Raw this week, Matt immediately took to Twitter to apologize to his fans for losing again. He also tweeted out another episode of “Free The Delete” as he continues to try and go in his own direction creatively.

Matt thanked a number of fans who posted support for him after his latest loss and was seemingly using those tweets to build something up. Now, his words have taken on a different tone and it seems as if one half of the popular tag team may be leaving WWE — and possibly the ring — for good.