‘General Hospital’ Recap: Nina & Ava Partner Up And Peter Becomes A Hero Once Again

Peter is getting himself deeper and deeper into his lies.

General Hospital star Wes Ramsey.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

Peter is getting himself deeper and deeper into his lies.

Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital was full of drama as Franco’s intricate procedure began. However, there was plenty of chaos before it was all over. Ava Jerome also made a decision on how to proceed with Nina after the Crimson editor decided to spill everything to her. In addition, Valentin went knocking on Jax’s door, Griffin got an earful, and Peter has come out smelling like a rose again.

General Hospital spoilers had teased that Valentin would confront Jax at his house. Soap Central said that he is getting suspicious about everything going on and he is pretty sure that Jax has the answers. Valentin wanted Jax to tell him who he hired to break into the art gallery to steal Helena’s painting. Of course, Jax knows it was Nikolas, but he didn’t reveal that information. Valentin suggested that Jax is out to get Nina for himself and told him that he should come to the wedding after all so he will know that she is already taken for good.

Jax couldn’t believe that Nikolas lost the Cassadine ring that could prove that he is alive and well. Nik searched desperately for it. He eventually flashed back to his visit with Ava at Shadybrook and finally realized that she must have knocked it off his finger.

Nik will soon find out that Ava has checked herself out and is back to her life, and back at the art gallery. That’s where Ava was confronted by Nina on Tuesday’s General Hospital. Nina wants to partner with Ava, despite what has happened in their past. She explained everything to Ava about getting revenge on Valentin and how there is a codicil hidden in the portrait that both Valentin and Nikolas desperately want. She suggested that they work together to take them both down and to make sure that Spencer gets everything. Ava at first said no, but Nina mentioned that Sonny could try to take Avery away from her because of her “dead people” claims, but she has the proof in her hands to help her with that. Ava then agreed and revealed to Nina that the portrait is right in plain sight hidden underneath another painting.

Griffin had a nice reunion with Anna and Maxie. They both filled him in on all the happenings since he left town. Jax showed up and at the mention of Charlotte’s name, he introduced himself to Griffin and got all the dirty details of how Charlotte came to be Lulu and Valentin’s daughter. Jax learned about Claudette and all the lies she told at first, claiming that Griffin was the girl’s father. Jax seemed quite interested. Griffin then announced that he is leaving Port Charles that night.

Andre started the memory procedure on Franco as Liz, Scott, and Cameron sat anxiously waiting at General Hospital. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse as a gunman showed up ready to shoot Andre. They struggled and Andre got knocked out. Peter, who got held up by Laura for too long, got to the OR and grabbed the gun, shooting the man. Viewers already know that Peter is the one who orchestrated all of this in the first place.

Anna, who was at GH for her phlebotomy treatment, heard the gunshots, as well as Franco’s family. She and Liz went running to the OR as Scott took Cam into a room for cover. Anna got to the room just as Peter was hovering over Franco, who was still unconscious. He explained that he got to the room just as the man was ready to shoot Andre and shot him instead. Everyone was thankful to Peter, including Liz, Scott, and Cam.

Peter has saved the day once again, but everyone will soon find out that Faison’s son has taken some queues from his father after all.