Julia Rose Goes Topless In Daisy Dukes: ‘Sending Nudes The Old Fashioned Way’

Julia Rose on Instagram.
Julia Rose / Instagram

Activist Julia Rose shared a new video with her Instagram followers — and she ended up breaking a photocopier while trying to make a point.

The founder of Shagmag laid on top of a white photocopier without a shirt on as she pressed her breasts into the scanning plate. Julia wore a pair of artfully ripped and frayed high-waisted, cutoff jean shorts. The brunette beauty’s long, highlighted hair was in a messy bun with her bangs and tendrils framing her face. She rested her hands on the black counter underneath the copier, tapping her French manicured fingernails as she waited for it to scan and print out an image of her chest.

Near the end of the video, Julia slightly pushed up, breaking off a part of the printer paper holder. She laughed. In an image that was also uploaded, the model sat on top of the black counter and held the print up to protect her modesty. She wore natural-looking makeup that complemented her features.

In the caption, Julia joked that she was attempting to send nudes the old fashioned way by making a print out of her chest.

Her fans on the popular social media network expressed their approval of her post with more than 103,000 of them hitting the “like” button within the first hour after it went live. Plus, nearly 1,100 people took the time to leave a comment for Julia in the reply section. Many of her fans posted flame emoji, declaring the video pure fire.

“Can I get copy pretty please with a cherry on top…,” pleaded a follower who also included smiling laughing emoji and a cherry emoji.

“This is the most genius/life-changing thing I’ve ever witnessed,” joked a second fan who tagged another Instagram user.

“Honestly, love when you post. The thirst in these comments lol,” a third follower wrote.

“It’s funny this probably won’t get reported or taken down because it’s on something printed off,” noted a fourth fan.

The fan’s comment alluded to the fact that Julia is known for exposing her chest in public and attempting to get her posts past Instagram’s rules. Some people feel Instagram is gender-biased because females cannot be topless while males can appear without their shirts on on the popular social media platform.

This most recent stunt is just part of Julia’s brand. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the model recently wore unique green underwear and a white ribbed tank top in a post. Her followers responded positively to that post, as well. Although it was one of her more tame pictures on Instagram, it still showed off plenty of her ample cleavage.