Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Valentin Proposes A Partnership To Jax & Laura Throws Off Peter’s Plan

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for today hint that some intriguing alliances may be on the way. As things become increasingly intense within the Cassadine battle, teasers also suggest that Peter’s plan to protect his secrets will hit a snag.

During Monday’s episode, Franco and Andre prepared for the procedure that they hoped would restore Franco’s memories. Unfortunately, Peter is desperate to prevent this procedure from happening. One possible outcome would be for “Drew’s” memories to intensify and eventually expose Peter’s previous misdeeds, so Peter has initiated a plan to interfere.

Peter gave orders to one of his contacts to eliminate either or both of the men. However, he ran into problems when he had second thoughts and tried to call it off. General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for today’s show reveal that Peter is about to run into yet another snag.

It appears that Peter will try to physically catch up to his henchman before he can get to Franco and Andre in the procedure room. However, General Hospital spoilers show that Laura will pop up and want to talk with Peter.

Peter will try to push this discussion off to another time. However, Laura isn’t going to take no for an answer, and it looks like Peter will be stuck.

As Peter contends with Laura, his henchman will interrupt Franco and Andre. Viewers should see what comes next during today’s show, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that Andre will complete the procedure on Franco regardless of the interruption.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, the chaos surrounding the Cassadine estate continues. Valentin was last seen knocking on Jax’s door just as Jax was working on tossing Nikolas out of his house. Nik was in a panic over realizing his Cassadine crest ring was missing, and Valentin showing up is only going to complicate things further.

General Hospital spoilers signal that Nik will quickly hide and Jax will let Valentin into his home. Valentin will try to propose that the two men pool their resources so they can both win and Jax will seemingly appear at least a bit intrigued.

Fans know that there are numerous secrets swirling within this Cassadine caper. Jax knows that Nikolas is alive, and he knows that Nina is trying to destroy Valentin. Nina has figured out that Nik must be alive, but she hasn’t told Jax about her suspicions.

Everybody is after the portrait of Helena, believing that it holds the key to finding the codicil Mikkos left behind. Jax probably isn’t likely to be interested in actually working with Valentin, but he might play along to see what he can learn. As these two men talk, Nina will try to convince Ava to join forces with her.

Ava checked herself out of Shadybrook and is back at the gallery. She will likely be skeptical of Nina’s proposition to work together, but General Hospital spoilers share that Nina will insist she’s on Ava’s side.

According to SheKnows Soaps, today’s episode also brings questions from Elizabeth and uncertainty from Anna. In addition, Griffin will cross paths with Maxie and learn that she and Peter are officially living together.

Who will come out on top with this Cassadine matter? Will Franco’s real memory return? General Hospital spoilers tease that some answers will be revealed during today’s show and viewers can’t wait.