Hungarian ‘Fit Queen’ Anita Herbert Shows Off Sculpted Booty In Barely-There Thong Bikini

Anita Herbert snaps a mirror selfie in a black outfit and matching cat ears.
Anita Herbert / Instagram

Anita Herbert shared a new update to her Instagram page in which she showcases her extremely fit body while going off about how much she dislikes people who complain all the time.

The Hungarian fitness model took to the popular social media app on Monday to post a snapshot of herself in a barely-there bikini that showcased her sculpted booty.

The photo shows Herbert standing outdoors on rocky terrain as she poses with her side to the camera. The fitness model — who runs the fitness program Fit Queen — is standing with one leg propped forward, which further accentuates her powerful curves. She did not add a geotag with her post or disclose her location in the caption.

In the snap, Herbert wore a pastel yellow bathing suit bottom with straps that sat high on her side. This style of swimsuit helps accentuate Herbert’s insanely toned lower body by creating sharp contrasts between her thighs, booty and midsection.

On her upper body, Herbert wore a relaxed black sweatshirt with white writing on the sleeves. The hoodie is lifted all the way up to her chest, giving a glimpse of her obliques and back. While most of her upper body is hidden under the sweatshirt, a pair of strings tied on the back indicate that Herbert mostly likely has on a black bikini top.

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There is nothing i HATE more . than complaining???? . People complain about EVERYTHING they have to do & they don't want to do????????‍♀️ . NOTHING keeps us away from achieving our GOALS more than negative mentality. #FACT . ????Did you notice that …the more you complain the worse things seem to go?! #FACT . Complaining is a CHOICE we make. . The more we choose to focus on the things that are NOT going our way the MORE they will continue to NOT go our way. . You attract what you focus on weather GOOD or BAD! . Switch off the complain button in your ???? like this: ???????? . ❌I hate waking up early ✅By waking up earlier im going to get a lot more shit done . ❌Losing weight is going to take forever ✅Weight loss is a journey so I’m going to take it step by step . ❌I have to go to the gym AGAIN ✅I’m going to get a quick session in and i will feel so good & proud of myself . ❌I miss eating pizza, cookies, ice-cream etc.. ✅I can still enjoy my favorite foods in moderation & also find healthier alternatives. . Pretty simple right?!???? . Your mood is based on what you focus on, so might as well focus on the good and train your ???? to associate healthy habits with happy thoughts ???? , NOT the other way around. . Put your positive ???? on my Queens and get shit done! ???? ( I’m about to put mine on LOL ????) . ????????‍♀️If you NEED help getting started or getting back on track, Click the link in my bio & JOIN MY ARMY ????‍♀️ @fitqueen_army #fitqueenchallenge #fitqueenmeals #TeamAnitaHerbert . ❓Do you complain a lot about things you don’t want to do? Or have close friends that always complain? If so, how do you deal with it ❓????????

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Herbert completed her look with a pair of casual flip flops. She accessorized her look with a pair of dark shades, which she is holding in her hand in front of her body.

Herbert has her dark hair pulled back in a messy bunch on top of her head. A thick layer of black mascara and eyeliner add intensity to her eyes as she shoots a defiant gaze at the camera. A touch of bronzer and a neutral color on her lips complete her makeup.

The post proved to be quite popular with her followers. In under a day after going live, the photo attracted more than 48,800 likes and upwards of 728 comments. Users of the social media platform took to the comments section to praise her beauty, showering her with compliments. They also used the space to engage with her caption.

“[P]ositivity is everything!” one user chimed in, trailing the words with a dancer and a heart emoji.

“Yep! You’re right! It is in out mind, what is inside is what you get from outside.. if it is dark inside can’t be shine out there!” said another user.

“Love this!! Such a great reminder to stay positive,” a third fan raved.