Rachel Cook Embraces A Sailor Vibe With Sandy, Topless Teaser Snap

Playboy model and WTVR creator Rachel Cook is welcoming a new bombshell to her magazine family, and she is doing it with a revealing Instagram post. Rachel has been in the Bahamas, seemingly with the focus being on shooting new material for WTVR. She has model Hannah Spence with her, and the two are teasing fans with some enticing snaps.

On Tuesday morning, Rachel posted a sneak peek at one of her photoshoots with Hannah in the Bahamas. The two ladies are both topless, teasingly covering their bare breasts. Hannah is covering her breasts with her hands, while Rachel is positioned to have hers covered by her forearm along with Hannah's.

The women are wearing sailor hats and contrasting bikini bottoms. Rachel is wearing white bikini bottoms that sit well below her navel, and Hannah has on a black set of bikini bottoms.

The ocean is behind Hannah and Rachel as they stand on the beach. Both ladies have their brunette locks blowing in the breeze. Granted, Rachel's is a wig that mimics the look of her style from before she recently buzzed it all off.

Both women gazed directly toward the camera for this particular photo, wearing slight grins on their faces. Rachel and Hannah both had fairly subdued makeup palettes completing the look, and the focus was definitely on their sand-covered curves.

While Rachel's fans will have to wait awhile yet to see the full spread of these photos, the sneak peek shared on Instagram generated plenty of heat.

Within just the first 30 minutes after Rachel had initially shared this topless snap, more than 40,000 of her 2.6 million followers had shown their love by liking it. Hundreds of comments were posted quickly as well, and the Playboy model's fans loved this sultry look.

"Wow you both are so extremely beautiful!" one fan of Rachel's wrote.

"Both ladies are amazingly gorgeous," concurred another follower.

"Gorgeous! So glad to actually know about your very existence," detailed someone else.

"You're easy on the eyes," admitted an impressed supporter.

Rachel has been sharing a lot of sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the work she is doing for WTVR. She did not specify what issue these pictures from the Bahamas would be incorporated into, but she probably will not leave anxious fans waiting for long.

The gorgeous 24-year-old former Playboy bombshell knows exactly how to generate a lot of heat, and she had no trouble accomplishing that with this new Instagram post. Rachel has been posting quite a bit in recent days, and her fans cannot wait to see what comes next.