Katya Elise Henry Wears A Tiny Black Bikini While Getting Soaked In The Shower And Considering Life Decisions

Katya Elise Henry poses for a selfie
Katya Elise Henry / Instagram

Brunette bombshell Katya Elise Henry raised temperatures among her fans with one of her latest Instagram posts. The stunning 25-year-old personal trainer and fitness model took to the shower and seemingly got a little reflective in the process.

The photo Katya shared on her Instagram page on Monday showed her wearing a minuscule black bikini from her Kiss My Peach swimwear line. The Peach Micro bikini bottoms left little to the imagination as they showcased Katya’s curvy backside while providing minimal coverage.

The back straps of the Cherry triangle top also covered very little and assisted in providing a revealing glimpse of Katya’s hourglass figure. The Instagram model had her dark hair soaking wet and hanging straight down her back as she faced away from the camera toward a corner of the tiled shower.

Fans could see that Katya was wearing small gold hoop earrings and a tattoo on one hip could be seen in the photo. While this view from the back was plenty tantalizing, followers were left hanging without a shot from the front.

Katya sprayed water from the hand-held shower attachment down her back and teased a few tidbits about how useful showers can be. She noted that a shower could make one nice and clean, was a great place for singing, and provided an exceptional opportunity to consider big life decisions.

Tantalizing photos like this one are nothing new for Katya and her social media posts, but her followers quickly went wild over this especially enticing shot. The likes quickly piled up and before long, more than 226,000 of her 6.4 million fans had shown their love for this sexy look.

In addition, more than 2,000 comments were added with notes of appreciation for this sultry snap.

“My next photo shoot will be inspired by this [fire emoji] this mama is going for booty gains like yours!!!” detailed one of Katya’s followers.

“Great words but the pic is Greater,” added someone else.

“The perfect body of a Goddess,” exclaimed a fan who added several fire emoji at the end of his note.

“Momma Mia!! Great way to help us get through this rainy NY Monday. Ty@katyaelisehenry,” praised another supporter.

As The Inquisitr recently noted, Katya follows a vegan diet, and she swears by its benefits. Between the workout program she promotes, Workouts by Katya, and her vegan diet, the Minnesota native has built an impressive base of followers on social media who reliably embrace sultry posts just like this one.