December 10, 2019
Polish Model Veronica Bielik Shows Off Her Thick Thighs & Generous Booty In Clinging Workout Yoga Pants

rVeronica Bielik showed off her tantalizing curves in a photo that she shared with her Instagram followers on Tuesday.

The Polish model was intent on showing off her backside. In fact, she posed with her back to the camera so that her fans could get a full view of her generously proportioned derriere. Veronica took to the great outdoors so that her fans could see nature at its best. Of course, her followers were suitably impressed.

Veronica wore a periwinkle blue outfit that clung to her every curve. The athleisure ensemble left very little the imagination as it showed off her flawless frame.

The sportswear top showed off some sideboob, and its skintight fit showed off Veronica's tiny waist. The model flaunted her toned arms and shoulders as the spaghetti straps exposed plenty of skin.

However, it was Veronica's booty that had her fans in a frenzy. The leggings clung to her backside and showed off her thicker bottom half.

Veronica wore her blond mane in loose, soft waves that cascaded down her shoulders and back. She also wore a watch to complete the look.

The Nordic beauty wore a full face of makeup including defined brows, lashings of mascara, and a natural color on her lips.

The blond bombshell has an enviable following of over 2.4 million fans. Veronica keeps her followers happy by regularly updating her Instagram page and posting new pics. She keeps things racy, and her fans never know what to expect from the fitness model.

This particular image has already racked up more than 19,000 likes. Her fans love the look from behind and inundated her with comments and praise. For those who were too shy to post a comment, they simply showed their appreciation with some fire or heart emoji. Over 250 fans have already posted, and it's only been an hour since Veronica shared the photo.

One fan had a rather interesting opinion.

"God loves Poland because, gave them the most beautiful women."
Another follower thought that he had Veronica all figured out. He believes that Veronica was flaunting her booty so that she could get more likes on her photo.
"You are all about the business!?,gluteus gets the likes!?"
Veronica also had some well-wishers.

"You're just so peaceful, & that's one of the best things about you!! I can see a smile there, nice shot!! Have a great day girl, stay motivated & positive!" one person said.