Dua Lipa On Her Honest Music: ‘Sometimes Bites Me In The A**’

Dua Lipa arrives for the 33rd Annual ARIA Awards 2019 at The Star on November 27, 2019 in Sydney, Australia.
Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images

Dua Lipa did an interview for the latest issue of Beat Magazine and spoke about how she has learned that fans are going to scour her lyrics for details about her personal life.

“I mean, it is what it is,” the “Hotter Than Hell” hitmaker said.

“Art is subjective and the way I think of it is that I focus on songs until the second they’re out and then once they’re out they no longer belong to me,” she explained.

Lipa admitted that sometimes her being so honest in her lyrics has come at a price.

“It’s just me being honest and sometimes that bites me in the a**.”

“I think as a woman in the music industry, and especially with my life in the public eye, I have been demonized,” Dua continued.

However, the “Lost in Your Light” songstress hasn’t let any negativity affect her when making her highly anticipated second studio album, Future Nostalgia.

“I feel like with this record there’s a lot more about being upbeat and fun, and enjoying the fact that I’m allowed to be happy.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lipa described her forthcoming LP as a dancercise class. While making the record, she listened to a lot of Prince, No Doubt, early Gwen Stefani, and Outkast. She announced the album title on Instagram as she got it tattooed on her arm.

Dua also admitted that when she first started out, having her early material leak was nerve-wracking. She expressed that she felt everyone else has been doing it longer than she has, their lyrics were more sophisticated, and their ideas were better than hers.

She listened to the leaks and felt uncomfortable because she remembers how the songs didn’t represent who she was. When Lipa started to write about herself unselfconsciously, she figured out who she was.

Along with the interview, the “Be the One” chart-topper also graced the cover of the magazine.

Dua sported her blond and brunette hair off her face and looked at the camera lens with a soft expression. She was photographed lying down and rested her head on her arm. She wore a white sleeveless T-shirt that had the slogan “have I got your attention” written in capital letters. The “Swan Song” entertainer paired the ensemble with black pants and sported a glossy pink lip.

For Lipa’s Instagram caption, she credited those who she worked with for the issue. The cover was shot by Hanna Moon while her stylist Lorenzo Posocco dressed her for the shoot. Lisa Eldridge did her makeup, Anna Cofone styled her hair, and Michael Cragg interviewed her.