‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Shows Off Stretch Marks In Red Swimsuit, Says Husband Called Them ‘Cool’

Sadie Robertson praised her husband for making her feel good about something she considered a flaw.

Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson arrives at the 2016 Dove Awards
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Sadie Robertson praised her husband for making her feel good about something she considered a flaw.

Sadie Robertson made a revelation about her new husband, Christian Huff, that had her Instagram followers cheering. On Saturday, the former Duck Dynasty star shared a set of swimsuit snapshots with her 3.6 million followers. The bathing suit she was wearing left the stretch marks on her hips and upper thighs exposed, and Sadie revealed that Christian’s reaction to the scars made her look at them in a whole new way.

The Instagram photos that Sadie shared were presumably taken by her husband. In the sun-drenched snapshots, she was sitting on a lounge chair on a sandy beach. The petite 22-year-old was rocking a red, one-piece swimsuit that featured spaghetti straps, a sweetheart neckline, and leg openings with a classic cut. Sadie accessorized her beach ensemble with a pair of round sunglasses with dark lenses and metal frames.

The Live Fearless author had her knees bent, and she had a book resting on her lap. In the first picture, Sadie was looking up and to the side to smile at the camera. In the second snapshot, her sunglasses were gone, and an ocean breeze was blowing her long, blond hair in her face. She shaped her mouth into a silly duck lips pout and threw up a peace sign as her photo was taken.

According to the caption of Sadie’s post, her husband noticed her stretch marks that are visible in the pictures and commented on them. She revealed that what he had to say made her feel pretty good.

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“whoa babe your stretch marks are so cool” – things husbands say I’m finding it’s pretty cool that the things I was insecure about my husband thinks are the best. But when I really start to think about it, i think that the things most people are insecure about are the things we think are the best on the ones we love. Smile lines, face wrinkles, stretch marks, scars that say we made it through something hard, and all the other things we notice in the mirror that bother us, our friends and family notice and love and are proud of the people we have become. Just think about it… if we love it for other people let’s just start loving it for ourselves too – it would make life a lot more fun????

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In the rest of her lengthy caption, Sadie suggested that what many people consider to be flaws, like stretch marks or wrinkles, aren’t seen that way at all by their loved ones. She opined that friends and family members actually “love” these marks that are simply a part of life, and she encouraged her followers to use this knowledge to help them learn to embrace the physical attributes that they’re insecure about.

Sadie’s inspirational message earned her over 470,000 likes from her Instagram followers, including one from her Season 19 Dancing with the Stars partner, Mark Ballas. The comments section of her post was also flooded with supportive remarks from fans who loved her message of love and self-acceptance.

“Keep being you!!! You are a great role model for a lot of people!” wrote one fan.

“I needed to hear this. I’m in tears. Thank you @legitsadierob. I’m so happy that you found someone who loves you for who you are,” read another response to Sadie’s post.

“So special!!! Discovering the completely unfiltered and complete love of another human is beyond what most people ever expected!” a third admirer wrote.

Many of Sadie’s female followers also remarked that they have experienced the same thing with their husbands.

“The things I hate the most are what my husband loves. That is 100% true!” remarked one fan.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Sadie and Christian tied the knot last month at the Robertson family’s farm in Louisiana. According to Access Hollywood, the couple jetted off to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for their honeymoon, which is where Sadie’s stunning swimsuit snapshots were taken.