Kim Kardashian West Is Taking A Doctor To Court For Using Her Likeness To Market ‘Vampire Facials’

Kim Kardashian West speaks onstage
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Kim Kardashian West is a powerful social influencer and businesswoman, but she isn’t keen on other businesses using her likeness without her permission. The Hollywood Reporter posted an article late Monday night claiming that Kim is suing Alabama doctor Charles Runel for using her image to promote their products without her permission.

The story is particularly interesting because the procedure that Kim is being used to promote is one she had done herself several years ago. While filming Kourtney and Kim Take Miami in 2013, Kim underwent a procedure known as a “vampire facial.” She posted a photo of the aftermath on her Instagram page.

“The vampire facial involves taking a sample of your own blood, extracting the plasma, and then injecting it with needles back in your face,” says Women’s Health magazine.

The Hollywood Reporter states that Kim spoke last year about regretting having the procedure done as she was pregnant at the time and unable to use pain management medications.

Now, Kim reports that Dr. Runels is using her image to promote vampire facials at his practice against her wishes. Kim’s attorney, Michael Rump, claims that the doctor used Kim’s likeness while marketing the procedure. Kim also claims that Runels used the Kardashian name on his brochures.

“‘Runels’ scheme to misappropriate Ms. Kardashian’s hard-earned popularity without her permission is so pervasive that she features prominently in, of all places, his LinkedIn profile. Quite literally, on his profile page, her photo is twice as large as his.”

Supposedly, when Kim’s legal team reached out to Runels with a cease and desist, he refused to comply. THR reports that he even went so far as to ask for money from the Kardashians. They have the entirety of the official court complaint posted at the bottom of the article.

As such as prolific persona and celebrity in Hollywood, it’s not too surprising that someone would try to use the Kardashian name and image to promote a product. Seeing as how it’s a procedure that Kim herself disavowed, it makes sense why the entrepreneur is so upset.

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She’s suing for “copyright and trademark infringement, false association and violation of the right of publicity.”

It’s not yet clear how much money Kardashian is hoping to receive in damages.

This isn’t Kim’s first lawsuit this year. Back in February, The Inquisitr reported that the Kardashian filed a $10 million lawsuit against Fast Fashion for using her ideas and likeness to their own clothing line.