Blake Shelton Says Life Before Gwen Stefani Isn’t Worth Remembering: ‘I Was A Jerk To Everybody’

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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are one of the most famous couples out there in Hollywood right now, but they’ve only been dating since 2015. Shelton recently spoke with an Entertainment Tonight correspondent Cassie DeLaura about his relationship with Stefani.

“I don’t want to remember what I was like before Gwen,” Shelton told DeLaura.

He went on to express that he was “a jerk to everybody” before the pop star came along.

“Look how nice I am now!” the star joked.

This isn’t the first time Shelton has praised his girlfriend’s influence on him. A few days ago, The Inquisitr reported that the singer discussed how Stefani had helped him with his religious faith.

According to him, God has helped shape their relationship in many ways. Shelton also claimed that Stefani entered his life during a period of “turmoil” surrounding his divorce from singer Miranda Lambert and that she proved to be a great help through it all.

Fans of the couple are lucky because they currently share a workplace on television. Shelton and Stefani are two of the judges on The Voice, a popular musical competition show on NBC.

Shelton has been a judge on The Voice since the series began, whereas Stefani came on during the show’s seventh season in place of Christina Aguilera. She returned for Seasons 9 and 12 and is currently serving as a coach in the show’s 17th season.

DeLaura also had a chance to talk to Stefani while interviewing some of the coaches backstage on the set of The Voice.

“We’re just having the time of our lives, and we never expected that this late in our lives, so we’re just trying to savor every moment together, and just to be back on The Voice as well — not to change the subject — but working together again has been really fun, and I love being here and I love being with him.”

As for the other coaches, they seem to agree that Shelton and Stefani are a match made in heaven. John Legend, another coach serving on the currently-airing season, believes that Stefani is an excellent influence on Shelton. He claims that whenever the blond singer is around, the country star is a little “softer.”

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton attend PCAs
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Outside of the reality television show, Shelton and Stefani will work together again on an upcoming duet, “Nobody But You.” Fans will be able to listen to the song on Shelton’s new album, Fully Loaded: God’s Country, which will be released on December 13, just three days after the semifinal top eight eliminations on The Voice.