Yanet Garcia Unzips Her Dress To Flaunt Intense Cleavage In Steamy New Instagram Photo

Yanet Garcia takes selfie
Yanet Garcia / Instagram

Yanet Garcia teased her fans on Monday night with an intensely saucy new photograph on her Instagram page. The sexy weather girl wore a red dress in the picture, one with a front-facing zipper. Instead of zipping it up to the top and showing a modest amount of cleavage, Yanet decided to pull the zipper down quite a bit to reveal an eyeful of her breasts. Had she let it slip down any further, she might have been flagged on Instagram for giving an impromptu peep show.

The brunette vixen is no stranger to teasing her fans with tantalizing images that show off her stunning curves and physical assets. A few days ago, The Inquisitr reported that the stunner had posted a photograph wearing tiny denim shorts while posing alongside her boyfriend, Lewis Howes.

Lewis is nowhere in sight in her newest snapshot. The gorgeous model is shown standing on a balcony. The sunlight catches her hair with its bright rays, making her reddish-brown locks look a little orange. A single dainty curl is visible, hanging down across her shoulder blades. She coyly looks at the camera with a falsely innocent expression as she shows off her body. Yanet’s voluminous hair falls in front of her face, masking one of her brown eyes from view.

It doesn’t appear that Yanet is wearing much make-up, either. Her natural beauty is enough to make this photo glamorous.

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Yanet’s 12.3 million followers seemed plenty joyful over the new Instagram update. Within only seven minutes of having uploaded it, Yanet compiled more than 55,000 likes and 400-plus comments on the post. Her fandom hails from across the globe, and often populates her comments section with a plethora of different languages. While many of her followers speak Spanish, there were some people writing in English, Italian, and even German. Her beauty apparently translates across international boundaries.

“Make this your main pic!!! Love it,” exclaimed one admirer.

“Well, no words for this. Couldn’t even come up with a line to say how beautiful. Keep it up, you’re doing a wonderful job,” expressed a second person.

“Beyond what any words can say,” wrote a third fan.

Even the official Maxim Magazine Instagram account felt the need to chime in on Yanet’s jaw-dropping photo.

“Holiday colors,” they wrote, perhaps gesturing towards the weather presenter’s choice of clothing. Yanet’s red dress is perfectly suitable for the holiday season, although it’s not exactly something you might want to wear to a family get-together.