Sara Underwood Sits On A Rock Island While Flaunting Her Copious Cleavage & Bare Feet

In 2011, Sara Underwood arrived at the Chateau Nightclub & Gardens at the Paris Las Vegas
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Sara Underwood likes to post provocative photos that are also unique on Instagram. That was the case again on Monday when the 2007 Playboy Playmate of the Year wore a revealing top as she sat on a big rock stuck in a body of water somewhere along the Washington state coastline.

While the pretty lady from the Pacific Northwest perched on the tiny bit of land, she rocked an outfit that showed she was comfortable while still looking seductive. For starters, the 35-year-old model from Portland had bare feet. She wore a crumpled beige hat with a wide rim, black-and-white trousers, and a daring black top that tied in the front in such a way that left gaps, proving she was not wearing a bra.

The blouse she wore was endowed with a plunging neckline that was cut so low, her bountiful cleavage was fully seen as one sleeve of the long-sleeved garment fell off her shoulder and down her arm. Sara tagged the clothing brand, Revolve, as responsible for her sexy shirt.

To give credit to the photographer of the gorgeous shot, Sara tagged her boyfriend and tiny house creator, Jacob Witzling. He deserved that acknowledgment and more given that he captured so much via that single image that was truly memorable.

His girlfriend was the main focus of the shot as she relaxed on her chosen rock while grabbing one knee and letting the other leg dangle. One arm was placed on the rock to act as a human anchor.

As Sara posed, the natural beauty of the place in which she seemed to be relishing looked like it came out of a fairytale. Massive fir trees and a bit of blue sky made up the background while another enormous rock covered with moss and bark reigned over one half of the photo. Large tree branches added texture to the dark aqua-colored water that appeared to be moving as Jacob’s camera caught the enchanting scene.

From among her adoring 9.2 million followers, Sara earned more than 57,000 likes on her latest Instagram update. In addition, more than 300 admirers wrote on the social media share within seven hours of going live. Some simply offered emoji — including fire, red heart-eye faces, and happy faces — to show their admiration and other concepts, while others wrote about what they were thinking.

“Nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach,” remarked a fan, who added a double pink heart emoji.

“Nature goddess,” exclaimed a second admirer, who added a kissy heart-face, a red heart-eye face, a red heart, and a happy face emoji.

“If you guy’s haven’t before, you should try hiking God’s Thumb here in Lincoln City or better yet, Cascade Head,” suggested a third follower, who added a clapping hand emoji.

“I would love to walk around with you all day!!” stated a fourth fan, who added two kissy heart-face emoji.