‘General Hospital’ Monday Recap: Ava Returns To The Gallery & Franco Heads Into The Procedure With Andre

Maura West films as Ava Jerome on 'General Hospital'
Valerie Durant / ABC

The episode of General Hospital slated to air on Monday, December 9, was set to spark major developments for many people in Port Charles. Peter was intent on preventing Franco and Andre from doing the memory procedure, and Nina had figured out that Nikolas was alive and had visited Ava. Unfortunately, anxious viewers in some areas of the country only got to see about half of the new episode due to the impeachment hearings and they were left anxious for a recap on exactly what went down. Spoilers hint that this should be a week filled with action and the ball got rolling with this latest show.

During Monday’s episode of General Hospital, Trina worked at the Jerome Gallery to check inventory after the break-in. Cameron showed up and offered to help, but soon Ava herself breezed in and took over. She acknowledged that she had checked herself out of Shadybrook and she was far less perplexed by the break-in than Trina had been.

Ava soon sent Cam and Trina off and revealed that Helena’s portrait has been hidden in the main gallery room behind a larger painting. Soon, Griffin arrived and she was stunned to see him. The two had a touching, heartfelt talk and he broke the news to her that Lucas had been gravely injured in a car accident.

Before Ava could wrap things up at the gallery, she had a visit from Nina. After Griffin and Nina exchanged pleasantries and he left, Nina got bold about the Valentin and Nikolas situation.

As SheKnows Soaps notes, Nina showed Ava the ring she found under her bed at Shadybrook and reiterated that she feels certain that Nikolas is alive. She also expressed her interest in working with Ava to deal with the Cassadine men.

Over at General Hospital, Elizabeth talked to “Drew” and shared her gratitude for his willingness to go through the procedure. He noted that he has come to realize that there must be something very good within Franco if someone like Elizabeth could love him so much.

Cameron and Trina showed up at General Hospital as did Scott, and Peter’s henchman watched from nearby. Andre came and the two men prepared to do the procedure, the henchman sneakily following them down the hall.

Anna approached Peter as he was finishing the call to his henchman giving him instructions to ensure the procedure didn’t happen. He covered when she asked what was bothering him and they talked about her recent absence and his decision to move in with Maxie and James.

After Anna talked about being proud of him, he excused himself and tried to reconnect with his henchman. While it looked like Peter may have been trying to change the plan, he was unable to reach his man.

Nikolas returned to Jax’s home and learned that Jax had changed all of the locks. Jax insisted that their agreement was over and that Nikolas needed to leave. Jax again tried to reach Hayden and learned her phone was out of service, a development that left him upset and unsettled.

Before long, Nik realized that the ring with the Cassadine crest was gone, leading to a frantic search for it. As he started to explain to Jax that it was missing, Valentin arrived at Jax’s place and demanded that they lay their cards on the table with one another.

General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for Tuesday’s show reveal that Peter’s henchman will interrupt Andre and Franco as they work through the procedure. It’s not clear what will happen next, but as the week continues, Franco will be in recovery and begin to regain consciousness as an anxious Liz tries to determine whether his memories are back.

Will Nina’s plan be successful? Will Franco return to Elizabeth and her boys? General Hospital spoilers tease that there’s great stuff on the way throughout the week of December 9, and viewers are anxious to see what’s coming next.