Cynthia Bailey Gets Recorded Bad-Mouthing NeNe Leakes In Latest 'RHOA' Episode

Cynthia Bailey was secretly recorded expressing her views of her former friend, NeNe Leakes.

According to People, the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta showed Bailey getting caught speaking ill toward Leakes. The two haven't been close for months, but someone in the ladies' inner circle reportedly recorded Bailey as she was speaking her truth about Leakes. The source, who remains unnamed in the episode, played the clip for Leakes herself, which Leakes announced on the show.

While the person who leaked the recording to Leakes wasn't mentioned by name, Bailey's friend and fellow castmate Kenya Moore shared her thoughts on the matter. In addition to dubbing the person who leaked Bailey's comments a "snake," Moore also demanded that the culprit come forward and say who they are.

"That person needs to step up, because you need to be a sly dog and a little snake in front of everybody," Moore said. "Don't bring it up unless you can really show the receipts."

Leakes then offered to show the ladies the receipts while they were at the event. The actress had mentioned the recordings previously to Kandi Burruss during a lunch scene between the two. While Leakes confirmed to Burruss that she wasn't concerned with what Bailey actually said about her, she said that she brought up the recording to further prove that Bailey has been shady toward Leakes in the past.

"I don't care what Cynthia has said, I'm just telling you that she has," Leakes told Burruss. "Not only that, she spoke to someone else that we both know in common and talked about me like a dog and unfortunately for her, they recorded everything she said."

While Bailey was reportedly shocked to learn that someone had recorded her private conversation about Leakes, she shared that she wasn't concerned about what was actually said on the tape. She also shared that she couldn't believe that Leakes was "entertaining" any rumors regarding Bailey speaking badly about her.

"It's so low and dirty and low down to think that somebody would sit and record me," Bailey said about the allegations.

Leakes and Bailey were close friends for years, but had a falling out in Season 11 of the Bravo reality show. Leakes became upset with Bailey after Moore came to the model's Seagrams launch party without her knowledge. The two haven't been on great terms since, though Leakes did recently admit that she would attend Bailey's wedding to Mike Hill, if she receives an invite.