‘Shameless’ Alum Emmy Rossum Breaks Instagram Silence With Gorgeous Selfie

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After two months of inactivity, Emmy Rossum has finally resurfaced on Instagram with an absolutely stunning selfie.

The fierce snapshot hit Emmy’s profile just four hours ago. The image is an up-close selfie that features Rossum’s face taking up most of the frame.

With her head slightly tilted, her brunette tresses flowed down the side of her face, shielding half of it from the camera. Rossum also had some of her brown locks tucked behind one of her ears just enough to show off her golden oval earring that looked to have a sparking gem dangling from it.

The actress’s only visible chocolate brown eye was open wide at the time the photo was taken. The most noticeable feature in the photo, however, is Emmy’s bold and vibrant candy red lips. Her electric choice in lip color paired well with her pale skin complexion.

Being such an up-close selfie, there wasn’t much else to see in the photo beyond a small peek-a-book glance at a peach-colored background off to one side of her head.

What might have been more mysterious about the breathtaking selfie was the fact that Emmy didn’t attach any type of caption to the photo.

So, her social media followers were left guessing what the photo was for or where it was taken.

As her 3.5 million followers know, Emmy hasn’t been very active on social media as of late. In fact, her last social media update was from nearly two months ago just before Halloween.

The surprise post after being silent on Instagram was welcomed by her followers. In just four hours since the photo went live on her profile, it was showered with over 120,000 views and just shy of 1,000 comments.

Many were quick to comment on how “stunning,” “gorgeous,” and “beautiful” she looked in the snapshot.

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Her followers continue to obsess over her exit from Shameless.

Emmy Rossum broke the hearts of many of her followers when she made the decision to walk away from the Showtime hit series Shameless after nine seasons of being the leading lady. Rossum, however, felt that her character arc had reached a nice ending. Moreover, she is in the prime of her career and wanted to move on to other things.

With Season 10 of Shameless currently airing on television, it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise that fans of the show were very vocal in the comments of her recent selfie.

The overwhelming majority of those who commented opened up about how much they missed her character Fiona. Several begged Emmy to reconsider coming back to the show.

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A good night ends at Katz’s deli.

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“Come back to Shameless!!! It’s just not the same without you,” One follower begged.

Another added, “This season of Shameless sucks without you!”

Not all of her followers, however, were interested in discussing her lack of being a member of the Shameless cast for Season 10. Some opted to discuss how much they loved her choice in lip color.

Several referred to her as a “queen.” She even had a few followers declare their love and ask if she would marry them.