Cardi B Rocks A Tribal Print Bikini While Eating Before Her Performance In Ghana

Cardi B recently shared more moments with her fans from her first performances in Africa.

The "Money" rapper seems to be enjoying her time in Ghana and Nigeria, where she was asked to perform. In a recent Instagram Story, Hollywood Life reports that the rapper and mother had no plans to slow down once she landed in Accra, Ghana. Cardi shared a funny video of her time in Ghana for her millions of Instagram followers to see. In the post, Cardi is rocking an orange, tribal print bikini with a matching headscarf. She also added a cover-up to the look, which matches her bikini. She is also rocking long, acrylic nails in the video, which were painted white. The outlet reports that one of the nails appeared to be broken in Cardi's more recent videos, but has since been repaired.

In the video, Cardi is seen sitting on a couch and her curves are on full display. The rapper has a fried shrimp stick in her hand, which she quickly bites in the video. The short video shows Cardi chewing in a forceful way as she enjoys the sunlight and breeze.

The Instagram clip of Cardi was reposted by Instagram user The Nikki Diaries. In her caption of the video, Nikki shared that before coming to Lagos, Nigeria and Ghana, Cardi donated millions to several charities in both countries.

In addition to the steamy video, Cardi showed her fans where she will be staying during her time in Ghana. The "She Bad" rapper was more than pleased with her accommodations and shared with her followers that she was going to make sure she had a good time while she was staying for her performance.

"Look at my f——g room! This is my bedroom, you guys!" as she filmed a room service cart and the spacious sleeping area.

"Oh wowwww, this is beautiful!" she continued, as she showed her Instagram followers the stunning marble bathroom and massive living room. "Oh, we're gonna turn up to today!" she continued, adding that she wanted to "bring the baddest b—–s to my room, this room is too f——g big not to have a party in here!"

Cardi also seemingly had a blast while she was in Lagos, Nigeria. The rapper had her first Livespot performance there and partied at a strip club before the event. Cardi even took to the dance floor to show off some of her moves from when she was a dancer prior to her music fame.