Demi Burnett Rocks A Pink & Black Bikini On Instagram

Presley AnnGetty Images

Demi Burnett shared a new bikini pic with her Instagram fans today. The captions suggested that this was a throwback pic. She was seen posing in front of a tropical backdrop, as she leaned against a low white wall. Her bikini top was mostly light pink with thick black accents on the edges. It was also a halter-like top. Her bikini bottoms were all-black, and featured a high-waisted fit. She noted that the ensemble was from KYA Swim.

The Bachelor in Paradise star accessorized with a brimmed black hat and dark sunglasses. The hat was made of straw, while her sunglasses were oversized with angular corners. She looked over to her left while pursing her lips. Demi extended her arms to either side.

The tags revealed that she was at the El Dorado Resorts by Karisma in Mexico. Behind her was a crystal blue pool, which had a footbridge and tons of palm trees all around. There was a green brush on the left side of the frame with white flowers.

This picture was taken on a sunny day, with a bright blue sky and soft, wispy clouds visible in the shot.

Fans seemed to love the photo, leaving tons of nice compliments in the comments section.

“Demi I legit thought you were topless. Not that it’s an issue, would love that for you, it just took my eyes a minute,” wrote a follower, with others echoing the same thought.

Considering that the top was a light pink tone, it’s not too surprising that some thought she was nude upon first glance.

“Totes hear ya on the sand between the tosies. The sand is winter cold brrrr! Stay warm! Happy Holidays!” exclaimed a fan, referring to the captions.

“DEMI! You are so cute to me and I love you I bought a pink fluffy jacket like yours too just wanted you to know that lol,” raved a third Instagram user.

A fan shared a personal piece of information.

“I got married at that resort amazing!!!!” gushed an admirer.

In addition, the blonde was spotted in a bikini last month in a photo that was posted by Hannah Brown. The update revealed that Hannah, Demi, and Heather Martin were soaking up the rays in Mexico. The trio were seen having a great time and smiling widely. The second photo of the series showed them with snorkeling gear and neon orange vests. A final photo showed the three girls posing in front of crystal blue waters.