‘Godzilla’ Remake: Director Gareth Edwards Opens Up

'Godzilla' remake director Gareth Edwards opens up

The Godzilla remake’s director Gareth Edwards opened up on his philosophy toward the Godzilla films.

The Godzilla remake has started filming today, with confirmed stars Ken Watanabe, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, David Strathairn and Bryan Cranston. Gareth Edwards is directing Godzilla from a screenplay by Max Borenstein, Frank Darabont and Dave Callaham.

Godzilla began in black and white in the classic story of a dinosaur-esque creature that could breathe fire, trampling Tokyo in its wake. It resembled a mutation on the Tyrannosaurus Rex and was dubbed “the king of the monsters.” The last Godzilla film made was poorly executed, and audiences knew it. It inadvertently gave the monster the ability to teleport into the water and dodge missiles despite its massive size.

Gareth Edwards said in an interview that the 1954 black and white Godzilla is his favorite, and he’s since collected every Godzilla film. He thinks it’s important to understand everything possible about the monster he’s putting on the screen.

The interviewer asked, “Why do you think the character is such an enduring character?”

Gareth Edwards replied, “Because it has evolved a little bit over the years. The films that came later down the line are not the same films that started it. … if you ask anybody who’s a fan to define what it is that makes it so popular, they will come up with different things, and no one can really nail it … it’s not one thing. It represents lots of different thing to different people, so it’s more universal, I guess.”

Gareth Edwards adds that if it was too specific, then it might only work for a certain era, “It has been able to evolve over the years and change a bit. I think that’s part of the reason it has survived for so long.”

The remake of Godzilla hits theaters May 16, 2014.

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