Spoilers For ‘The Young And The Restless’: Devon And Elena Split

Francis SpeckerCBS

New The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal big trouble on the horizon for Devon and Elena, and this Genoa City super couple may not make it through the holidays. Not surprisingly, it’s Hilary look-a-like Amanda Sinclair who comes between them.

When Victor (Eric Braeden) gives Devon (Bryton James) new details about Amanda’s (Mishael Morgan) sketchy past, it pushes Devon further into his obsession over Amanda. Devon wants the truth about Amanda. Of course, Elena (Brytni Sarpy) is ready for Devon to stop focusing on the woman who looks like his late wife and focus on her and their growing relationship. Sadly that may not be in the cards.

Devon actor Bryton James discussed the storyline with Soap Opera Digest recently, and it looks like big trouble for Elena and Devon.

“His curiosity about her is getting a little obsessive, to the point she’s even creeping into his dreams. This has been messing with his head, and I think he knows how unhealthy it’s becoming. Devon and Elena have talked about how they can’t control whether or not Amanda will stay ion town, so they think the best thing to do is keep their distance from her, but that’s been difficult for Devon,” said James.

Devon is seriously frustrated that Amanda is sticking around Genoa City even though there’s not much of a reason for her to do so. Nate (Sean Dominic) is also pushing Amanda to stay, which bothers Devon, too, considering that Nate is his family. Devon still believes that it can’t be a coincidence that Amanda came to town as part of Colin’s (Tristan Rogers) con to steal his inheritance from Katherine Chancellor. The biggest question is whether or not Amanda was actually in on the scam or if she was an innocent victim, much like he was.

There are other questions, too, like how does Amanda look so much like Hilary? So far, nothing has explained that, but there could be something in Amanda’s past that Victor found that explains their shocking resemblance.

As for Elena, she has spoken out about her dislike of Amanda several times, but she attempts to give the woman a chance by having a civil conversation, and she urges Devon to do the same. Ultimately, it looks like Devon may realize that he’s not healed enough from losing Hilary and then his father in such a short time. He tells Amanda that she deserves somebody better than him, and it looks like these two are headed for a painful breakup.