December 8, 2019
Florida Man Charged With Criminal Mischief After Police Say He Sexually Assaulted Olaf Doll In Target Store

A Florida man is facing charges after police say he sexually assaulted a stuffed Frozen toy inside a Target store.

Cody Christopher Meader had been arrested after the October 22 incident in which police claim he ejaculated on an Olaf doll inside a St. Petersburg store and then put the toy back on the shelf. As the New York Post reported, Meader was then accused of moving to a large stuffed unicorn and dry humping it before he was stopped and detained by police inside the store.

The Smoking Gun obtained the police report, which noted that Meader admitted to doing "stupid stuff" inside the store and told police that he had ejaculated on the doll. The report noted that Meader's father also spoke to police, saying that his son had a history of similar incidents.

Employees inside Target had to remove the toys and have them destroyed.

"The merchandise could not be re-sold and [was] destroyed due to circumstances," the police report read.

This week, police charged Meader with criminal mischief. He had already been set free from custody on $150 bond.

It was not clear what level of charges the Florida man could face, but the state's legal statutes contain varying degrees of punishment for criminal mischief relating to property damage. If damage to property is $200 or less, it is considered a second-degree misdemeanor, punishable by a term of no more than 60 days in jail.

The report did not specify if the two individual toys had to be destroyed or if it was the entire shelf where he placed the Olaf doll. If the amount of damaged toys totaled between $200 and $1,000, he could face a first-degree criminal mischief charge. Though still a misdemeanor, it would carry a potential jail sentence of up to one year if Meader were convicted.

The report also did not note whether Meader had a lawyer, or if mental health issues could have contributed to the bizarre Target incident, as the police report had implied. The attack also came as advertisements for the Frozen 2 sequel were being heavily pushed, with Target and other stores selling products that promote the movie.

The incident gained some viral attention at the time, including a joke on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update. Some also took to social media to share the strange story, which to many appeared to be the epitome of the "Florida man" meme about citizens of the state committing bizarre crimes.