Ashley Tisdale Reveals Who She’d Marry, Shag, And Kill Between Zac Efron And Twins Dylan And Cole Sprouse

Ashley Tisdale played the popular game, but she later complained about the headlines it was generating.

Ashley Tisdale attends Brooks Brothers Annual Holiday Celebration
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Ashley Tisdale played the popular game, but she later complained about the headlines it was generating.

When Ashley Tisdale appeared on the Bravo talk show Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, she probably wasn’t expecting one of her toughest questions to come from a fan. However, as reported by Seventeen, that’s exactly what happened when a caller asked her to play the game Shag, Marry, Kill with a trio of her former Disney costars.

The three actors Ashley was given to chose from were her High School Musical costar Zac Efron and twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse, who she starred alongside on the Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Ashley described the options she was given as “brutal,” but she was a good sport and played the game. Andy tried to make it easier on her by going through each category one by one, beginning with “Shag.” Ashley couldn’t stop giggling as he did so, but it didn’t take her very long to make her decisions. The Merry Happy Whatever star revealed that she would shag Cole, kill Zac, and marry Dylan.

Ashley, 34, only explained one of her choices, saying that Dylan, 27, is “such a good guy.” The After We Collided star is currently dating Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin, and Cole is dating his Riverdale costar Lili Reinhardt. As for Ashley, she’s been married to singer Christopher French since 2014.

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Ashley’s responses to the Shag, Marry, Kill game quickly began making headlines, and the actress wasn’t happy about what some of them were saying. She took to Twitter to call out the publications that were focusing on her “shag” response and playing it up to mean much more than it did. She also had something to say in response to fans who wanted to know why she chose to “kill” Zac. Ashley reminded them that she’s best friends with Vanessa Hudgens, who was once in a long-term relationship with Zac.

“This clickbait is really gross to me. It was a GAME marry, shag or kill,” Ashley wrote.

“Tbh all 3 of these guys are like my brothers, also anyone questioning why I didn’t pick Zac is very weird. Y’all know who my best friend is… I would be mortified if this said I wanted to ‘sleep’ with zac.”

Ashley’s message included a screenshot of a tweet from a teen magazine.

“@ashleytisdale just admitted she’d totally sleep with her former ‘Suite Life of Zack & Cody’ costar @colesprouse, and fans are shook,” it read.

The actress’ followers responded to her tweet with words of support.

“Magazine totally ignored the fact that you are also happily married and wanted views and made the headline so much worse than what was actually said. Who wrote this and thought this is a good idea,” wrote one fan.

“I loved your answers!” another fan remarked. “They were perfect and hilarious.”