December 8, 2019
'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Star Porsha Williams Says She's Open To Making Baby No. 2 With Dennis McKinley

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams has revealed that she's open to having baby no. 2 with her fiance, Dennis McKinley. The 38-year-old media personality made the announcement during a fan Q&A session on her Dish Nation radio show alongside co-host, rapper Da Brat. The fan pointedly asked a currently red-haired Porsha about when she was planning to give her first child, Pilar Jhene, a playmate and wanted to know what she "was waiting for."

In her response, Porsha agreed that her daughter needed a sibling to play with and disclosed that she and Dennis aren't doing anything to prevent her from getting pregnant.

"I will say this, we are talking about it, and if it does not happen by PJ's birthday, or by June, my birthday next year, then it won't be happening …" she said, as reported by Page Six.

In the YouTube clip of this conversation, adorable photos of Pilar, her mom, and a family photo with Dennis flashed on the screen when Porsha started talking about her tentative plans to have another baby.

Da Brat followed up on the fan question by asking Porsha if she was actively trying to become pregnant for the second time. To which Porsha responded, "if it happens it happens."

Porsha then made a quip about the fact that, as a woman, she doesn't really have to get too involved in the act of conceiving a child.

"Well, I don't really have to try," she joked.

"Cuz you really just lay there," Da Brat responded, as Porsha slumped in her chair and pretended to sleep.

As Us Weekly notes, this isn't the first time that Porsha has talked about becoming a mother of multiple children.

"I always say, if you are married, go [ahead], be fruitful. That's what you're supposed to do," she said on an episode of Dish Nation back in March. "Have as many kids and multiply."

Porsha later speculated that she may not be fertile enough to have a huge family because she's in her late thirties. She guessed that she might be able to generate one more pregnancy and also mentioned the possibility of having twins. At the time, Porsha also stipulated that she wanted Pilar to be a little older before they added a newborn to the family.

"My thing is, I, at least, want [Pilar] to be able to sit up on her own," she said.