‘Miracle’ Chicken’s Egg Contains Two Yolks And Another Egg [Video]

Miracle Chicken Eggs

A Chinese “miracle” chicken’s egg was astounding in both its weight and what it contained inside. The incredible (edible) eggs were laid by a chicken in China.

The town’s residents are celebrating the miracle chicken, which has been producing abnormally large eggs for the past few weeks. But the latest egg was a monstrosity the feathered mammal’s owner couldn’t ignore.

Armed with a video camera, villagers gathered around as the owner cracked open the egg, which weight almost half a pound. To their delight, they discovered two yolks — and another egg — inside the mammoth creation.

The occurrence of a double egg is uncommon, but not impossible. The find is very unusual, but has been attributed to the muscular action that forms the egg malfunctioning. There are several kinds of double eggs, from ones that contain two yolks to consumers finding an egg inside another.

Most recently, a man in Australia found an egg he claimed was almost 10 inches around. Inside it, just like in China, was another egg. A similar situation occurred in Abeline, Texas last year, though there is no word on the measurements of that particular chicken egg.

While science may be able to explain it, the woman attributed the miracle chicken’s giant egg to a different factor — the hen’s food. The hen that produced the egg apparently only eats a diet of rice. She apparently turned her nose up at the corn feed being given to the other hens on the property.


So, the chicken’s 87-year-old owner decided to try something different. Since then, the chicken has produced her massive eggs. So, how would it feel for a chicken to push out an egg more than twice its normal size? According to the poor bird’s owner, the hen looked like it was dying.

What would you do with the miracle chicken’s egg, if you were the one to discover it?

[Image via ShutterStock]