‘World’s Sexiest Nurse’ Lauren Drain Goes Topless For Sizzling Motorcycle-Themed Photo Shoot

Lauren DrainInstagram

Lauren Drain posed topless for a steamy maternity photo with her spouse. On Friday, Lauren’s husband, David Kagan, shared the snapshot on his Instagram page. He was holding a motorcycle helmet in his hand, but he noted that his pregnant wife wasn’t wearing appropriate riding attire.

In the artistic black-and-white image, Lauren, a popular fitness model who has been dubbed “the world’s sexiest nurse” by her millions of admirers, was completely topless. She was rocking a pair of skintight skinny jeans that appeared to have some stretch to them. However, in order to fit into the denim pants, she had to wear them with the fly unbuttoned. This helped to accommodate her baby bump.

Lauren was wearing her long blond hair parted to the side and styled in soft, spiraling curls that tumbled down her back. She sported dark eye makeup, which was in contrast to her pale lip.

Lauren stood sideways to better show off her baby bump, and she bent her right arm so that it covered up the top portion of her right breast. This strategic arm placement saved her from violating Instagram’s “no nudity” policy. Lauren’s right hand was resting on her left arm, which was draped over her husband’s shoulders.

David, who jokingly describes himself as an “Aspiring IG Model” in his Instagram bio, posed facing forward. He wore a pair of dark skinny jeans and a black textured motorcycle jacket, which he left open to show off his bare chest. He also sported a pair of protective motorcycle gloves, and he was holding a motorcycle helmet in his left hand. His right hand was positioned on the small of Lauren’s back.

David looked directly at the camera, while Lauren gazed off into the distance. Both parents-to-be had somewhat intense expressions on their faces.

In the caption of his post, David joked about how his wife’s shirtless ensemble wasn’t exactly the safest attire for a motorcycle ride.

In the comments section of David’s post, Lauren revealed that the motorcycle-themed maternity photo is one of her favorites. The fitness model hasn’t been shy about baring her baby bump for racy photo shoots, and she’s posed topless multiple times. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she rocked nothing but a G-string and thigh-high boots for another professionally-shot photo.

However, many of David’s followers agreed with Lauren that the motorcycle-themed photo is one of the best that the couple has taken.

“”My favorite!!!” read one response to his post.

“I LOVE THIS PHOTO,” another admirer remarked.

“Omg this is amazing!!!! Lovvveeeee it! When the baby comes recreate this with the baby!!!!!” suggested a third fan.