Hannah Brown Drops More Hints About Upcoming Appearance On Peter Weber’s ‘Bachelor’ Season

Jason KempinGetty Images

Hannah Brown has dropped a couple more hints about what fans can expect when they see her appearance on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. But they’re a bit disappointing for anyone hoping to see her join the cast of women vying for his heart.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight in which she was asked about the possibility that she stayed, Hannah brought up the fact that she was on Dancing With The Stars during the filming of Peter’s season. Hannah went on to win the celebrity ballroom dancing competition show with her professional partner, Alan Bersten.

“I feel like if we put two and two together, like, I worked my a** off to win that mirrorball… I was in the studio eight hours a day,” she said. According to ET, she also asked fans to “do the math” to figure out whether she spent a considerable amount of time at The Bachelor mansion this time around.

Speculation about Hannah being on Peter’s season has been swirling ever since she showed up at the Bachelor mansion in a recent teaser. The promotional clip seems to have been edited to suggest that Hannah wants to rekindle the romance they started during her season of The Bachelorette.

“I’m making decisions for my heart,” she said at one point in the video, “because I know there’s still something there… and I will do anything for a relationship.” Later, Peter scooted a whole lot closer to Hannah and he can be seen lightly caressing her back as the actual contestants on the show look on from behind a door.

As ET notes, a press release for the show stated that Hannah’s words were an excerpt from a private conversation she had with Peter after she hosted one of his group dates. It’s common for previous leads to show to make cameos on current seasons in the franchise so this is likely another instance of that and nothing more.

The article reports that during ET’s interview, Hannah avoided answering any further questions about her appearance on the next season of The Bachelor.

“You’ll have to wait and watch in January,” she said with a smile. “That’s actually all I’m going to give.”

Peter Weber made it to the top 3 of Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette but was eliminated just prior to the season finale. But he became something of a legend in Bachelor Nation when Hannah revealed that they had sex four times in a windmill while they were in Greece.