Elderly Couple From Arizona Found Dead Under Snow, Their Car Abandoned

Richard and Elizabeth Alexander were found dead not far from their Arizona home.

Snow covers trees.
Radu Andrei Razvan / Pexels

Richard and Elizabeth Alexander were found dead not far from their Arizona home.

Arizona was hit by snow this past week and with it came a heartbreaking tragedy. An elderly couple named Richard and Elizabeth Alexander were discovered dead, buried under the snow. They were only a few minutes away from their home and their vehicle was also discovered abandoned nearby, according to CNN.

The couple was from the rural area of Ash Fork, west from Flagstaff. Richard was 74-years-old while Elizabeth was 79-years-old. At this point, law enforcement doesn’t believe foul play played any role in their tragic deaths. They say the two died from the harsh cold, a statement from the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office conveyed.

“A PRELIMINARY finding shows no evidence of foul play and a strong likelihood the pair, a man and woman in their 70’s, died from exposure to the environment.”

The bodies of the Alexanders were discovered by neighbors driving by. Michael Haas and his wife Diane were driving away from their property on Friday when they spotted something in the distance that looked odd. At first, they thought the objects they saw on the snow appeared to be a dead animal, but upon closer examination, they realized that it was, in fact, two human bodies. They immediately called the police.

Police have reason to believe that Mr. and Mrs. Alexander were laying dead outside for as long as a week and that the heavy amount of snow concealed their bodies so that their neighbors weren’t able to spot them until it had begun to melt.

While the investigation into the couple’s demise has only just begun, Mr. Haas has an idea of what he thinks might have happened. He said that the elderly couple likely encountered vehicle problems when the area was hit with a foot of snow. They then possibly tried to walk by foot to their neighbor’s home for help but didn’t make it.

“My house was the only light they could see. They tried to make it to our house and made it within 100 yards,” Mr. Haas said.

Mr. and Mrs. Haas are now encouraging people to be prepared when they are traveling in harsh weather conditions.

“I think when people travel and it’s in bad weather, they should have blankets, phone chargers, emergency equipment in their vehicle,” he said.

This is unfortunately not the only heartbreaking tragedy to come out of harsh snowstorms. Earlier this year a 12-year-old Illinois girl named Esther Jung died when a snowbank collapsed on her, as The Inquisitr previously reported.