Hoda Kotb Shares Sweet Photos Of Two Special People & A Tiny Evergreen Tree

Hoda Kotb seems to like nothing more than to share family pictures on social media. Her latest Instagram update included a three-part photo pack of her fiance, Joel Schiffman, and her eldest daughter, 2-year-old Haley Joy, as the pair picked out this year's Christmas tree.

The first picture captured Joel and Haley Joy's purchase as the little girl sat on his shoulders while the financier dragged the tree along the sidewalk near an intersection, presumably in New York City. The evergreen of their choice was not very grand, but the tree was quite sweet and definitely a good size for a toddler to decorate.

As the two family members went about their tree-buying session, Joel wore a blue puffer vest and a pair of shorts, making it tough to figure out how cold or how warm the day was where the pair turned up as they were out and about. Haley Joy rocked a gray-and-pink puffer jacket and a white beanie with two furry balls on the top.

The second image in the collection depicted more details of the twosome's sartorial statements. Haley Joy rocked bright fuchsia gloves and blue leggings endowed with a rainbow patch. She wore hightop sneakers with Velcro closures, while also wearing a long jingle bell necklace that grazed Joel's smiling face.

Joel's attire for the excursion included a black, long-sleeved shirt and a black-faced watch with a black band. He looked down as Haley Joy's little hand lingered in front of one of his eyes when the picture was snapped.

Meanwhile, in the last shot shared via Hoda's Saturday social media post, Joel wore a grin on his face, his prominent dimples also showing his happiness. Haley Joy seemed captivated by all the trees for sale as her shopping buddy held fast to the top of their tiny tree.

Hopefully, the 55-year-old Today show anchor will return to Instagram to show the family tree once it is gussied up in time for Santa's Christmas eve visit.

Hoda's most recent Instagram update brought plenty of encouraging words and sweet sentiments from among her 1.5 million followers. The three-picture post earned more than 44,000 likes and over 580 comments, addressing all kinds of aspects referencing these images.

"I can almost smell it!" stated one fan, who added a Christmas tree and a green heart emoji.

"Joel must wear shorts, no matter the temperature," remarked a second follower, who added a happy face emoji.

"Awww.....blessed be your family always," said a third admirer, who added several different flower emoji along with five Christmas tree emoji.

"Memories in the making!" summarized a fourth Instagram user.