Alexis Ren Goes Topless In A Hat On Instagram

Alexis Ren wears a black dress.
Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

Alexis Ren shared a sizzling new set of four photos on her Instagram page today. It showed her going topless while sporting a tan hat with a small brim. All of the images were of her from her chest-up, and they were focused on her face.

The first photo of the set showed Alexis looking into the distance while facing her left shoulder towards the camera. She placed her pointer finger on her lips, which she accentuated with dark red lipstick. The rest of her makeup was less colorful, as she opted for shimmery eyeshadow in a light tone. Plus, her earrings were on display. She wore a couple of small hoop earrings, which were connected by a short, gold chain. The stunner also opted to wear another stud earring.

The second photo was similar to the first, except Alexis closed her eyes and elongated her neck. Her planet tattoo was visible behind her left ear, while the angle of the photo revealed that she slicked her hair back into a low ponytail.

The following image was arguably the most revealing, as part of her sideboob could be seen. She censored her chest by folding her left arm over and grabbed her hat with her right hand. The hat was placed on her head at an angle, obscuring her right eye. Alexis looked straight at the camera with a sultry expression on her face. And finally, the last photo showed the model mid-laugh, as she smiled widely.

Alexis was well-lit in all of the images, with her skin glowing in the light. The backdrop was hard to discern because it was out-of-focus, but there was a white wall on the right side of the frame.

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Fans sent their love to the stunner in the comments section.

“Perfection in the most radiant way. love u,” gushed a follower.

“Carmen San Diego reboot,” expressed an admirer.

“You should do a black and white Charlie Chapman type look,” suggested a fan.

“Oh I didn’t know you had Saturn tattooed behind your ear lol,” noted a fourth Instagram user.

The bombshell previously shared another topless photo with her fans. This time, however, she was spotted in the shower. She was seen placing her hands on her head, as she opened her mouth slightly. She positioned her elbows in such a way to censor her chest. Alexis was seen getting drenched, with the photo seemingly being taken from outside of the glass shower wall. The model wore a pair of low-rise bikini bottoms.