Leah Messer Speaks Out On Friendship With Kailyn Lowry After Bombshell Messages Revealed

Rick DiamondGetty Images

Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry both appear on the hit MTV reality show Teen Mom 2, but the moms are also good friends in real life. However, some fans were questioning the pair’s friendship after it was revealed Kailyn had reached out to someone that Leah had been talking to about joining an organization. Messages revealed that Kailyn reached out to an individual named Rachel Chitwood and explained that she didn’t want to lose Leah as a friend, but didn’t want to see other young moms spending their savings. Now, Leah is speaking out about the status of her friendship with her BFF.

Kailyn first took to Twitter to address what was going on about herself and Leah. The mom-0f-three explained that she came from a “good place” after she reached out to a young mother who Leah had been talking to about joining the organization. She explained that she and Leah had been able to work things out and that they weren’t going to allow it to “affect” their friendship.

Taking to Twitter, Leah retweeted Kail’s tweet and echoed her sentiments in her reply saying, “& I’m glad you directly came to me. I love you bb! It definitely is NOT going to affect our friendship. We actually get to be even closer after our first disagreement.”

Leah’s tweet had more than 2,900 likes from Leah’s followers. Many of Leah’s fans chimed in with their own tweets as well and applauded the friendship between the two women.

“Yessssss! People don’t understand that’s how good friendships work!!” one follower wrote on the tweet.

It shouldn’t be too surprising to fans that these two were able to work things out. They have been good friends for quite some time and have often spent time together outside of the reunion specials on the show. Most recently, the two vacationed in Hawaii together with each mom taking their three children. MTV cameras were there for the trip, but only Leah’s portion of the trip was shown in the most recent season.

The two were even pictured together recently when Leah appeared as a guest on Kailyn Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley’s podcast Coffee Convos. Leah opened up about her life on the podcast including her decision to become a vegetarian. Leah also talked about her book that is set to be released next year and will give fans an inside look at her life that wasn’t shown on cameras.