Bill O’Reilly Divorce ‘Ugly,’ Gawker Alleges Fox Host Used Church Against Wife

bill o'reilly divorce

Bill O’Reilly’s divorce is no longer a secret, but some salacious details are coming out in the gossip blogosphere that paint the Fox News host as less than kind to the mother of his children.

The Bill O’Reilly divorce story has always been covered closely by Gawker, and the site has some very unpleasant allegations about the Factor star and how he treated his once-wife once the divorce was final — claiming Bill used the Catholic Church as a weapon to marginalize his former bride after their marriage went south.

In a lengthy post by Gawker blogger John Cook, a campaign of alleged harassment was alleged to have begun against Maureen McPhilmy by Bill O’Reilly sometime after the pair separated in 2010. The site has in the past alleged that O’Reilly managed to “launch an internal affairs investigation into McPhilmy’s new boyfriend—a Nassau County detective—for the crime of sleeping with Bill O’Reilly’s wife.”

McPhilmy married the detective at some point after Bill O’Reilly divorced her — but, it is suggested, the drama didn’t end there. According to Gawker, court documents regarding a case of two anonymous parties are that of the Fox host and McPhilmy, and Cook quotes:

“The mother claimed that the [father] had repeatedly violated conditions of the agreement. The mother further alleged that, after the execution of the agreement, the father had hired the children’s therapist as a full-time employee to perform virtually all of his parental duties … The mother’s affidavit contained specific allegations concerning the father’s repeated violations of the custody provisions of the agreement since its inception.”

The site continues, noting that the therapist in the Bill O’Reilly divorce was coincidentally a direct employee of the news station host, which raises some troubling ethical concerns:

“Moreover, the full-time employment of the children’s therapist, the person designated in the agreement as a neutral third-party ‘arbitrator’ of custodial disputes, by the father, constitutes a significant change of circumstance which could undermine the integrity of the agreement’s custodial provisions.”

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But the site also says her divorce from O’Reilly has seen McPhilmy sanctioned directly by the church, and Gawker alleges:

“Gawker has learned that McPhilmy has been formally reprimanded in writing by her church for continuing to take communion in her Long Island parish despite having been divorced and remarried—a no-no according to the Pope. The reprimand also instructed her to stop telling her children that her second marriage, to the Nassau County detective O’Reilly tried to destroy, is valid in the eyes of God. It warned her that if she didn’t comply, harsher measures may be in order.”

Reps for O’Reilly did not comment on the divorce allegations.