Jasmine Sanders Gets Flirty In Orange Shorts & Poses On A Couch

Jasmine Sanders wears a gold outfit.
Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

Jasmine Sanders was spotted in a new Instagram update, where she was seen getting flirty in a pair of neon orange shorts. The bottoms hugged her booty and featured gathered accents on the sides of her legs. She wore a dark, oversized sweater, and posed on top of a bright green couch with white piping. The sweater had white lettering on the front, while the back featured a large, colorful graphic that was hard to discern. The sleeves also had colorful designs on them.

She wore her hair up in a casual half-up, half-down hairstyle. Her blond locks were curled and had plenty of volume. The Sports Illustrated stunner accessorized with thick, silver hoop earrings and oversized sunglasses. The glasses seemingly matched her shorts, although the frames were a darker orange hue. Meanwhile, the lenses had a purplish tint.

The stunner sat on the edge of the couch, while propping up her left foot. She balanced herself with her right arm, and placed her left hand on her head. She offered a sultry look with her lips slightly parted.

The couch was decorated with several cream-toned pillows, which were scattered behind the model. Beyond that was a green brush. The geotag revealed that Jasmine was in Miami Beach, Florida.

Fans had lots to say about the newest social media update.

“These are great photos and I wish you a nice weekend, dear Jasmine,” gushed a follower.

Others were feeling the captions.

“I might need to borrow this caption suuusss,” wrote an admirer.

“You were probably right,” said a fan.

“Couldn’t have said it better,” noted a fourth Instagram user.

This follows a series of other Instagram updates with sassy captions. It’s hard to know if Jasmine is directing them at someone in particular, or if she’s just showing off her personality.

Another photo from the set showed Jasmine in the same outfit, except that she posed with her right shoulder facing the camera. She showed off her booty, which she popped toward the camera, and placed her hand on her head.

Previously, the bombshell shared a photo where she flaunted her figure in a pair of shorts. This time, she opted for an all-black ensemble. The top had extremely long sleeves that covered her hands, which she buttoned once by her midriff. This left her cleavage exposed thanks to the plunge neckline. mJasmine paired the top with matching shorts, and completed the look with black boots. She posed in front of a gray curtain.