Lauren Duggar Takes Gender Blood Test In New Clip, Sends Husband Josiah & TLC Film Crew To The Corner

Josiah and Lauren Duggar couldn't wait to find out what they were having.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar playing games with the family.
Josiah and Lauren Duggar / Instagram

Josiah and Lauren Duggar couldn't wait to find out what they were having.

As seen on Tuesday night’s episode of TLC’s Counting On, Josiah and Lauren Duggar had a gender reveal party at her parents’ house. It was a family affair as many balloons were popped to find out if they were having a boy or a girl. However, the couple didn’t find out the gender during a routine ultrasound. They instead had a blood test done at home. That part wasn’t shown on the show, but a new clip that was recently posted on Facebook had the details on how it was done.

The reality stars explained in the video clip that it was too early to tell what they were having when the ultrasound was done. They opted to have a blood test because they couldn’t wait to find out. A nurse friend of Lauren’s helped out with that at their home in Arkansas. The mother-to-be is seen cleaning her heart out as Josiah was off in the corner standing all by himself. He had to stay put as not to mess up the test by having his male DNA all over the place. That also included any other males in the house, and there were apparently plenty of them.

Lauren explained that not only did Josiah have to stay on the other side of the house, but she had to draw a line for the TLC film crew that were there with their cameras rolling. She had to make sure that the area was a sterile environment for the blood test to work effectively.

The Duggar daughter-in-law had a bit of trouble getting the blood to flow out of her finger after it was pricked, but they got just enough to send off to the lab. Once the results came in, only Lauren’s younger sister Lily knew what the gender of the baby was. She was in charge of throwing the reveal party, which was shown on the recent episode of Counting On.

The gender of Lauren and Josiah’s rainbow baby turned out to be a girl. They were so excited when they popped the final balloon at the party to reveal pink confetti. However, it looked like maybe Lauren’s mom, Lana Swanson, may have been the most excited as she was seen jumping up and down like a little kid. She mentioned how happy she was and that she would be shopping for girl clothes the next day.

Little Bella Milagro was born on November 8. Fans got a recent glimpse of the newborn on the couple’s Instagram as they took their baby girl for a walk while the weather was still a bit warm. At the gender reveal party a few months ago, Josiah and Lauren Duggar had spilled that they already had Bella’s name picked out early on.