Jordyn Woods Reportedly Took A Lie Detector Test On 'Red Table Talk' After Tristan Thompson Drama

A new clip from Jordyn Woods' Red Table Talk interview reportedly reveals that she actually did take a lie detector test following the Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian cheating scandal.

Since news broke that Woods and Thompson were seen together at his Los Angeles home back in February while he was still in a relationship with Kardashian, Woods has seemingly attempted to move on with her life and future endeavors. She did, however, share her side of the scandal alongside her close, family friend, Jada Pinkett Smith, on the actress' show, Red Table Talk. Fans of the show recalled that Woods admitted that Thompson kissed her once at the party and that the two had never had an interaction with each other prior to that incident. She also shared that she would be willing to take a lie detector test to further prove that she was completely honest about the interaction.

Woods' offer to take a lie detector test will reportedly be a subject on Red Table Talk again on its latest episode. According to Cosmopolitan, hosts Jada Pinkett, Willow Smith, and Adrienne Banfield-Jones are set to answer fan questions from the episodes the show has had this year. The outlet reports that one fan asked if Woods actually did take the lie detector test after saying that she would in order to prove her innocence. The next scene in the teaser then shows Woods strapped to what appears to be a polygraph machine with an administrator asking if she is "ready to do your polygraph?"

The clip of Woods seemingly taking a polygraph test was reposted by The Shade Room's Instagram page. The outlet received more than 2 million views of the clip and more than 6,000 comments regarding the clip.

"Oh nahhh... they dragging it but whatever the results betta leave the drama in 2019," one follower said of the test reveal's timing.

"Clearly the Kardashians ain't over it so take your test sis," another fan chimed in.

"Khloe still won't believe the truth because she wants to play the victim," one fan shared.

"Let this story go," another fan pleaded.

Woods and Kardashian were close friends prior to the scandal in February. The Secndnture CEO was best friends with Kylie Jenner for years before she was accused of cheating with Thompson. Since then, Woods has seemingly moved on by spending time with her family and her other close friends. On Kardashian's end, the reality star has shared that she has forgiven Woods for her role in the scandal.Red Table Talk airs on Mondays on Facebook Watch.