Todd Chrisley Questions How Many Chrisleys It Takes To Change A Tire

Trisha Faulkner

How many members of the Chrisley Knows Best family does it take to change a tire? This is a question that Todd Chrisley is seemingly terrified to know the answer to.

It was roughly 24 hours ago that the official Instagram account for the reality TV series shared a hilarious snap that featured the family working together to change a tire. The clip kicks off with Todd standing with his wife Julie as they watch Savannah Chrisley crawling around on the pavement as she attempts to use a jack to lift up the car so she can change a tire.

There isn't much time that passes before her brother Chase joins her in attempting to get the tire changed on the car. The two quickly feud over how each one knows what they are doing and the other needs to butt out. This is when their younger brother Grayson joins the party. Everyone jests that maybe Grayson will be able to do what his big brother and big sister are obviously not able to do.

"How many Chrisleys does it take to change a tire?" Todd questions as he continues to watch his children. Chrisley also admits that he's horrified to learn none of his children are capable of changing a tire on their own.

Eventually, papa Chrisley takes over and shows his children how it is done. His wife and his kids watch as he flawlessly and effortlessly removes and replaces the tire. Julie notes that Todd performed the tire change so smoothly she imagined it was just like what a mechanic looked like while doing it.

After he completed the task, Todd informed his family that this was how a metrosexual changes a tire.

In the comments section, fans of the series had pretty mixed feelings on the concept of knowing how to change a tire. Some noted that one of the first things they taught their children was how to change a tire and read a dipstick.

Others claimed knowing how to change a tire was pointless when you could call AAA to do it for you.

Unrelated to the content of the video, there were several followers who took issue with Todd's appearance. Some wanted to know what was up with the sudden change of style. A few insisted he didn't exactly look metrosexual with what he was wearing.

As was typical with Chrisley Knows Best posts, there were also many followers who merely wanted to declare their love for the family.