Donald Trump Is ‘Desperate’ For Melania Trump’s Approval, According To New Biography

U.S. first lady Melania Trump meets with teenagers to discuss the dangers of youth vaping
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

CNN reporter Kate Bennett is publishing a new biography focused on Melania Trump, and among the shocking revelations in Free, Melania: An Unauthorized Biography, is that the president is “desperate” for the first lady’s approval, so much so that he reportedly struggles when she gives him the cold shoulder.

“Trump, by several accounts, is desperate for her approval, and he relies on her — her punishing coldness in the wake of the affair headlines and rumors took a toll on him,” Bennett writes in the book, according to People.

Never was this more apparent than when news broke about Donald Trump’s alleged affair with Stormy Daniels. Bennett says that Melania stopped speaking to him and used public appearances as an opportunity to publicly show her disapproval by not appearing by his side.

It wasn’t the fact that Trump reportedly had an affair, according to Bennett, but that he had shamed her and their family.

“She knew well the man she married: that he was no arbiter of moral fortitude, that he had a shoddy track record with fidelity,” the biography reveals. “But the past few weeks that Melania had endured were so publicly scathing and deeply humiliating that she was angry with him more because of what he had exposed to the world than because of what he was alleged to have done with Daniels.”

At the time, Melania had said that she wasn’t focused on the rumors surrounding her husband, and that she was focused on her job as a mother and the first lady, brushing the media coverage off as speculation.

One source spoke to Bennett about the situation, saying that Melania wasn’t one to hide away and feel bad for herself of Trump’s reported infidelity, though the first lady reportedly has a separate suite from the president on a different floor of the White House.

Bennett also reports that Melania may use her clothing as a way to signal to that she is resisting the president from time to time.

The book also reveals that Melania wanted her husband to run for president, despite reports to the contrary, because she believed that he could win and that he would make a good president. Bennett also says that Melania pushed him to run, in part, because she was “tired” of hearing him talk about the idea. At the same time, the first lady craves privacy and wants to protect her 13-year-old son from public scrutiny.

For instance, most recently, she lashed out at an impeachment witness who brought up her son during testimony in front of the House impeachment inquiry committee.