December 7, 2019
Is Cameron Monaghan Pushing For A Mickey & Ian Spinoff? 'Shameless' Fans Seem To Think So

Cameron Monaghan sent Gallavich fans swooning when he shared a fun video clip detailing the love story of Ian and Mickey (Noel Fisher) that suggested he might be hoping for a Shameless spinoff.

The video clip was similar to what viewers have seen when they watch a reality TV show, with diary-cut scenes that featured Ian and Mickey discussing their love life and their relationship with each other.

The clip kicked off questioning whether the love between Ian and Mickey could survive in prison or if their flame would be extinguished. Then, viewers watched a diary scene featuring Ian as he opened up about the first time he met Mickey. Ian explained he met Mickey in the third grade when he asked him if he could borrow a pencil. He claimed Mickey responded by threatening to stab the scrawny ginger if he spoke to him again.

The first time Mickey recalled becoming involved with Ian was back when his sister Mandy told Mickey that Ian had assaulted her. Believing Ian Gallagher had raped his sister, Mickey went on the hunt to destroy the ginger. It wasn't until some time later that he learned that not only was the rumor untrue, but also that Ian pretended to be in a relationship with Mandy to hide the fact that he was gay.

As those who have watched Shameless from the very beginning know, Ian and Mickey weren't really in a relationship in the beginning. Mickey was a closeted homosexual and feared how his family would react to his sexuality. Later in the series, the duo became an official couple. They, however, were forced to say goodbye to each other a few seasons ago when Mickey had to flee the country.

During Season 10 (and the mid-season finale of Season 9) Mickey and Ian were reunited behind bars, but things haven't been easy for the lovebirds. Ian and Mickey have been forced to learn the hard way that even the most loving couples need some space and time away from each other.

In the caption of the video clip, Monaghan referenced several other TV shows before saying "Ian & Mickey." Naturally, it didn't take long before Shameless fans raced to the comments section of the post to discuss whether Cameron was hinting at a Gallavich spinoff.

"So is this a spinoff cause I'll watch It," one follower questioned in the comments.

"Was this whole piece scripted or did you get to improv a little bit? So cute, either way," a second chimed in.

"You definitely know how much this season means to us. Thank you, Cameron," a third commenter added.

A fourth said, "Honestlyyyyy give em a show of their own."

Many of Cameron's followers gushed about how much they loved the video clip and the couple. Some opted merely to call attention to Cameron's caption.

While the video clip has been on his profile for less than an hour, it was well-received by his 2.2 million followers. It quickly accumulated over 40,000 views and more than 200 comments. The general consensus was that everyone would welcome an Ian and Mickey spinoff.