‘Max: The Curse Of Brotherhood’: Xbox Live Exclusive Released This Spring

'Max The Curse of Brotherhood' Xbox Live Arcade exclusive trailer

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is coming to Xbox Live Arcade this spring.

The spiritual successor to Max and the Magic Marker is coming soon exclusively to Xbox Live Arcade. From what we’ve seen of the video (below), it looks great and brings back the classic side-scrolling platform gameplay the older gamers remember so fondly.

Developer Press Play says the puzzles this time around will be “less cluttered” and “more about knowing Max’ powers and abilities.” The trailer video brings back the days of Donkey Kong Country, where the graphics were pseudo-3D and the focus was on the fun. Press Play says it was inspired by the movie Goonies and the children’s book The Brothers Lionheart.

The video starts with a boy slamming the door to his room open and looking around with a very Disney look to it. The boy gets angry when he sees his brother Max smashing his toy cars with a toy dinosaur. He says, “Brother, brother, oh brother of mine, I wish you could be erased from all time. If evil itself could take you away, and leave me alone on this very day!”

As he speaks these words, you see him going on his laptop and using Giggle (a Google spoof) and typing in “How to make your brother disappear!” The result gives him a slightly different version of what he’s saying.

Then we see a large monstrous hand pop through the wall in a ripple of red and purple, grab Max, and pull him through. The boy yells, “Max!” and appears to think it through before he races over and jumps through the wall after Max.

He falls on a pillar of rock overlooking a massive valley as he yells his surprise. We then see him pull some kind of glowing orange rod out of what looks like ruins before the video begins cutting to gameplay footage.

What do you think of the trailer for the Xbox Live Arcade exclusive Max: The Curse of Brotherhood?