William H. Macy Directed This Week’s Episode Of ‘Shameless’

William H Macy in the hospital bed as Frank Gallagher in Shameless
Paul Sarkis / Showtime

According to Shanola Hampton’s recent Instagram update, William H. Macy was the director of this week’s episode of Shameless. Unfortunately for fans of Frank Gallagher, that means they can expect to see a lot less of the character during Sunday’s episode. Characters tend to take a step back from having a major role in episodes they double as the director of as it becomes difficult to do both.

Shanola’s Instagram post coined Macy as “the captain of our ship,” and contained a trailer from tomorrow’s episode.

What Can Fans Expect From This Week’s Episode?

This week’s episode of Shameless may be a little difficult for fans to watch. Not only does there appear to be a little less Frank, but there will also be some separation between Mickey (Noel Fisher) and Ian (Cameron Monaghan).

The beginning of the trailer kicks off with Ian getting released from prison. Lip (Jeremy Allen White) is waiting at the front gate to pick up his younger brother. Lip jokes with his brother asking how prison was before questioning if it turned him into a homosexual. The two shared a very warm embrace as they clearly missed each other.

The clip then shifts to Debbie’s (Emma Kenney) lawyer telling her she fast-tracked the paperwork to get Franny her share of her father’s money after he passed away. As those who watched last week’s episode know, Debbie went to Franny’s father for child support only to learn he had passed away while serving his country. Debbie also learned his widow received $100,000 because of his passing. Debbie became immediately enraged as she wanted Franny’s share of the money.

Debbie’s lawyer explained to her that even though she fast-tracked the paperwork, she was having a hard time serving the widow with the summons. Debbie goes on a mission to summon the widow herself only to get sprayed in the face with a can of mace.

Then, fans watch Lip talk to Debbie about how he thinks he made a mistake by asking his new friend to speak to Tami (Kate Miner) about the baby. Debbie reassured her brother that he absolutely screwed up.

Then, we see the ex-husband of Ingrid (Frank’s old girlfriend) show up at his door to give him his children. Last season we watched as Frank used his son Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) to get his girlfriend Ingrid pregnant. While Carl has no idea the babies are actually his, it’s safe to assume he may soon find out. After all, Frank barely took care of the children he actually did father.

This week’s episode of Shameless airs tomorrow night only on Showtime. Those with a Showtime subscription, however, will be able to check out the episode just after midnight via the streaming library.