‘Shameless’ Star Noel Fisher Shares Sweet Snap With Christian Isaiah On Instagram

Cast of Shameless Season 10 in PR photo
Brian Bowen Smith / Showtime

Noel Fisher recently took to Instagram to melt the hearts of Shameless fans by sharing a sweet snap that featured himself and his co-star, Christian Isaiah.

As his 861,000 Instagram followers know, Fisher has had a burst of activity on social media recently, due in part to Season 10 of the Showtime hit series currently airing on television.

Season 10 has had a lot to offer longtime Shameless fans. For starters, Noel returning to be a member of the cast to revive both Mickey and Gallavich was something fans have been craving for three seasons now. Based on his recent social media activity, it seems as if Noel has really enjoyed his return to the Shameless family once more.

In Noel’s snap from roughly 24 hours ago, he appeared to be having a nice time relaxing with his co-star Christian, who plays Liam Gallagher, Noel’s boyfriend Ian’s younger brother.

During Season 9, the writers caught some heat from fans as they believed Liam’s role in the family was a bit undervalued. Notably, there were entire episodes where the character was nearly nonexistent and none of the other members of the Gallagher family seemed to notice.

For Season 10, however, Liam has had a much more active role in the story line. During last week’s episode, Liam revealed just how much he was like his father and the rest of his family. He attended a showing for a deceased relative he had only recently met. He proceeded to collect money from family members at the showing. He told them the money was for him to buy flowers for his deceased loved one.

After leaving the showing, he revealed that he had no intention of using the money to buy the flowers and had lied to everyone.

In the Instagram photo, both Noel and Christian are holding up peace signs for the camera as they make similar funny-looking faces.

The official Instagram page for Shameless was among one of the first to comment on the post, noting that this was the kind of photo that fans “needed” to see. Based on the reactions and replies, it appeared as if fans of the series agreed.

The photo accumulated over 60,000 likes and more than 300 comments in just 24 hours. Many of his fans gushed over how cute they thought Christian and Noel looked in the snap.

“I literally love you, you deserve the whole entire world,” one follower said in the comments section.