Blond Bombshell Hilde Osland Sizzles In Sexy Red Dress

Hilde Osland takes a selfie.
Hilde Osland / Instagram

Blond bombshell Hilde Osland had her followers drooling with a sizzling snap she shared of herself in a smoking hot red dress on the beach.

Hilde sat on a raised sand hill surrounded by tufts of grass and other beach greenery. The sky was filled with clouds, and the shore was visible towards the left of the frame, waves lapping against the sand. Hilde’s followers were likely too captivated by her beauty to notice the background, however, as the stunner from Australia rocked a red statement dress that looked incredible on her toned physique.

The dress had a v-neckline that exposed a hint of Hilde’s cleavage and spaghetti straps that stretched over her shoulders. It also had a ruffle that crossed diagonally over her torso, and the front of the dress ended high up her thighs, exposing plenty of her bronzed, toned legs. The back of the dress, however, was a longer length. Though it was tough to see how long it was exactly, since Hilde was sitting down, the bold red fabric flowed around her on either side, cascading down the sand in a shock of color.

Hilde’s long blond hair was done in beachy waves, and she accessorized with a red flower tucked behind one ear. She kept her other accessories fairly simple, adding a bracelet and a few delicate necklaces to complete the look. She kept her makeup simple as well, opting for a peach gloss, long lashes and flawless skin. The blond bombshell had a serene smile on her face as she leaned back slightly, propping herself up on one hand while the other tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

The dress she wore in the shot was from Hot Miami Styles, which followers know because she tagged the brand in the picture and included their handle in the caption. Hilde’s followers loved the smoking hot snap, and the post received over 10,000 likes within just 24 minutes.

Many of her followers headed straight to the comments section to share their praise and marvel over Hilde’s beauty and incredible body.

“So incredibly beautiful and gorgeous,” one follower said, followed by a string of heart eye emoji.

Another fan loved every element of the post, and commented, “beautiful photo! Landscape, colors, dress, model…”

“You are an explosion of beauty I must say,” another fan said.

One follower was feeling the beachy vibe of the shot, and said Hilde looked “like a gorgeous mermaid washed up [on] shore.”

No matter the time of year, Hilde finds a way to show off her toned physique in a swimsuit. Just a few days ago, the bombshell was on the beach during the evening. She shared a sizzling double update in which she rocked a plunging one-piece swimsuit while the setting sun cast an ethereal glow over her bronzed skin and blond hair.