Felicity Huffman Is Bonding With Former Inmates And Helping Them Reclaim Their Lives

Since her release from prison, actress Felicity Huffman has been hard at work trying to make a difference in the community. She's currently working with a non-profit organization called A New Way of Life, which works to help former female inmates reenter society in a positive way. The organization's founder said that Huffman is really changing lives, according to Fox News.

The goal of this organization is to provide housing, jobs, and necessary mentoring for female inmates that will likely have nowhere to go upon their release from prison. Susan Burton, who founded the organization, had nothing but positive things to say regarding Huffman's work with these women so far.

"Felicity is a such a down-to-earth genuine caring person [and] she's been very helpful and supportive to the women here. She has connected with them in a real way and you can feel it. I think that is because they know she's experienced in a small way what they have gone through being incarcerated."
The organization will be hosting an upcoming gala, which Huffman is helping them prepare for. She's been helping the former inmates in a motherly way, even assisting them with picking out outfits for the special event.
"She's been cooking for the women, cleaning the homes, shopping and answering the phone. We love having her here," she Burton.

Even though Huffman only spent a short amount of time in prison, 12 days to be exact, she was very struck by what she experienced. She discovered that many of the female inmates she came across didn't have anyone to help them better themselves.

An inside source close to Huffman said that the California prison in which the star spent time behind bars offered "no real programs or initiatives to help the incarcerated women who were there."

This deeply bothered Huffman and she became determined to help these women who she felt "were being discarded and left behind."

In addition to A New Way of Life, Huffman has also been working with another non-profit organization called The Teen Project since her release. As The Inquisitr previously reported, this organization works to help provide shelter, guidance, and other necessities to at-risk young women in the community. These women could be victims of abuse, survivors of sex trafficking, homeless or struggling with addiction.

Huffman was sentenced to 250 hours of community service work after she pleaded guilty for her role in the college admissions scandal.