Kim Kardashian Bashed For Showing Off Christmas Decor: 'These Are Giant Tampons'

Kristine Lofgren

Every year, the Kardashian family goes over-the-top with their Christmas decorations, but this year, people aren't impressed with Kim Kardashian's contribution to the season. After posting photos of her home all decked out in holiday decor, critics were quick to point out that some of the festive pieces looked more like tampons and marshmallows.

According to Hollywood Life, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star posted pics of her all-white holiday decor, including a Christmas tree with white lights and other traditional decorations. Not-so-traditional were their white figures that got compared to everything from sex toys to marshmallows.

Users thought the unusual, modern pieces were "ridiculous" and questioned what the pieces were meant to represent.

"Someone please tell Kim Kardashian that these are not Christmas trees these are giant tampons…" said one person.

One critic compared the minimalistic figures -- which line the hallways of her stark Hidden Hills, California home -- to marshmallows, while another said that he "didn't think the house could get any uglier."

"All the money in the world and THAT'S what she calls Christmas decorations?!?!?!!!!" concluded one person.

No doubt fans will get to have a closer look at the decor after Kim and husband Kanye West throw their annual holiday bash. Last year, Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, Sia, Paris Hilton, Sofia Richie, Dave Chapelle, Tyler the Creator, and John Legend showed up for the elaborate party, and pictures were posted all over social media. Legend even treated the crowd to a few songs off his holiday album.

"You guys, everything in the house, down to the walkways. It's literally Calabasas turned into Colorado. Look at the big mountain. It is literally a winter wonderland in our hallway. It's like a winter wonderland Whoville," Kim said as she took viewers on a virtual tour through the decorations.

The spendy bash also featured a Hot Dog On A Stick Stand, an all-white dessert spread, and a lollipop station. Details about this year's party haven't been released yet, nor has the family Christmas card, which has been a Kardashian-Jenner tradition for decades.