Kelly Ripa’s Breathtaking Gingerbread House Features Her Entire Family

Dominik BindlGetty Images

Kelly Ripa‘s entire family, including their beloved dog, was featured in a video of a breathtaking gingerbread house shared to Instagram. The Live with Kelly and Ryan star showed off the glorious confection on the social media site’s story mode, taking a slow video to bask in each and every delicious detail.

Made by The Solvang Bakery in California — whom Kelly tagged in the post — the two-tier home looked wonderful, placed on a glass table in front of a Christmas tree that was decorated with tiny blue lights, large acorns, and a tall nutcracker statue.

The confection, made entirely of gingerbread, was stunning in its detail.

The sides and front of the home were covered in windows, iced to outline their frames against the darker color of the cookie. Each window was decorated with green shutters and sported a tiny green wreath in its center.

As Kelly panned towards the front of the home, fans could see the painstaking detail taken to accurately represent each and every member of the family.

From the left to right, there were five gingerbread people lined up at the door of the home, representing Mark, Kelly, Michael, Lola and Joaquin Consuelos. The family’s dog, Chewie, was even standing tall between the cookie versions of Kelly and Lola, who both wore pink dresses. The boys all wore white shirts with blue pants, each with a different holiday decoration on their chest.

At the cookie’s feet were icing presents and gumdrops with white icing tops.

The front door of the gingerbread home was painted red, with two wreaths decorating each side of the large, covered entryway. This was flanked with icing and holiday trees made of cookies, covered in icing to represent the freshly fallen show.

The gingerbread versions of the clan were standing under a white banner that read The Consuelos Family, written in gold icing. On the roof were white circles where the names of each of its members, including the family dog, were written individually in gold with red and green holly accents.

To add to the overall theme of the quick clip, Kelly chose the Dean Martin version of “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.”

This upload was followed by a fun clip of Kelly’s holiday shopping trip with her husband, Mark. The first image showed a red lava lamp before the video panned over towards Mark, who was staring at it intently.

Kelly recently shared a photo of her stunning Christmas tree to Instagram, thrilling her 2.6 million followers with its stunning overall look.

The image, which has been liked over 230,000 times, featured the massive fir in Kelly and Mark’s living room.

Dotted with white lights, the stunning tree was decorated in both glass ornaments and old family photos of both the Consuelos and Ripa clans. Kelly’s homey touch did not go unnoticed by her fans and followers, who couldn’t stop commenting on the overall gorgeous look of one of the key symbols of the Christmas season.