‘World’s Sexiest DJ’ Nata Lee Straddles A Motorcycle In Tiny Booty Shorts

Nata Lee takes a selfie.
Nata Lee / Instagram

The “World’s Sexiest DJ”, Nata Lee, was spotted straddling a motorcycle on Alexander Mavrin’s Instagram page a day ago. The photo showed her perched on top of a black bike as she placed a Corona bottle to her lips. She wore a white sports bra and tiny black booty shorts. This left her toned legs on display, along with some of her derriere. Her toes reached the ground, while she opted to go barefoot. Her large thigh tattoo was easily seen.

Nata wore her blond hair down, which was brushed behind her shoulders. She also sported a pair of dark sunglasses that fell down her nose, while she appeared to go without any other accessories. In the foreground, Alexander was seen sitting on the ground. He appeared to be looking at the stunner while reaching for a tool that lay behind him on the ground. Another beer bottle could be seen beside the tools. Alexander wore a black vest and tied a red bandanna on his right arm.

The backdrop included a hut, along with a white, modern building. Green foliage could be seen beyond that. The geotag revealed that they were in Phuket, Thailand, when the shot was taken.

Fans left tons of messages about the photo in the comments section. While many people raved about Nata’s good looks, others responded to his caption.

“I’ve done it. It’s a lot of fun! Don’t wait,” wrote a follower.

“Go to Malibu for a vacation and take PCH up to San Fran. You can rent whatever type of bike you want. Its a beautiful ride and relatively safe,” advised an admirer.

“When you grow old you will just be old. Never put off what you can do today. Do it now so that you can enjoy those memories for the rest of your life,” said a fan.

“Ohhh!! Photo is awesome and people are amazing Love you and this dream is like my!” gushed a fourth Instagram user.

In addition, Nata was seen in another sizzling photo a couple of days ago. The bombshell rocked a pantless look, as she sported a white jacket as a dress. She buttoned it up, but it still left her cleavage and long legs on display. And thanks to the high slit in the front center, there was plenty of sex appeal in her outfit. She posed next to a modern, spiral staircase and placed her hands in her hair.